Charity does not only begin at home…


A Visit to Eden Handicap Service Centre Berhad

The greatest happiness is by doing charity


Yeah!! This is the experience that will linger in all our minds forever. Last Saturday, Exabytes had a great and meaningful moment with members at Eden Handicap Service Centre. The Eden Handicap Service Center Berhad is a charitable non-profit Christian-run organization providing FREE services to people with disabilities. It was started in 1991 with a simple concept: To help the disabled come to terms with their disabilities, to engage them in fellowship with other disabled and able-bodied friends, and to provide adequate training to place them in suitable jobs.


During that beautiful Saturday morning, we were welcomed by the members of Eden with a warm song “We are together”. Mr Chan Kee Siak, CEO of Exabytes later presented a cheque worth RM 800 to Mr Bertie, the General Manager of Eden Handicap Service Center. In addition to the donation of cash, we also have fulfilled some of Eden’s wish list! These include 5 units of trolley, 1 unit of Motorola walkie-talkie, 1 Canon color laser printer.


Here, we would like to thank our clients who participated in our co-marketing campaign with Nuffnang last July. This is because we donated RM 50 or RM 100 to Eden from each of their signup with us depending on the hosting plan they purchased.


To show how much we appreciate them, here we link you to their sites!


Now, the peak of the day! All of us get to play along with the children and disabled people. Not only was it funny and happy, it was one great experience which all of us will never forget. “Musical chair” was the game-of-the-day that brightened up everyone. Mr. Bertie then enlightened us with the history and overview of Eden with his humorous speech.

You will know how excited we all were by catching some of the snapshots below.

Our beloved CEO on the right and Mr. Bertie, GM of Eden






The happy moments












Finally, the group photo…


Here are some videos of the day:

Interested to help? You are more than welcome!


As a charitable non-profit organization and providing FREE services to people with disabilities, funding is the major concern of Eden and they depend entirely on generous donation from the public. Their expenditure per month is at approximately RM50,000.00. If you are interested to support Eden with your donation, please feel free to contact the person in charge:

Mr. Bertie Tay (General Manager)

Eden Handicap Service Centre Berhad
CO-9-GF Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang
Jalan Utama
10450 Penang
tel: 04 228 2758
fax: 04 229 6951

You can find more about Eden via this link


If you want to know more about Eden, feel free to check out the videos below:




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