Suntech WorldCup 2010 Contest


Suntech @ Penang as an advanced hi-tech hub, is best known for hosting most of the IT companies in Penang. And the first impression we usually get from IT personnel is nerdy and boring. Well not anymore….

To join the fun many of us had during the 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup, Emerald Capital (The management of Suntech) had organized its own kind of World Cup! And lucky us as two of our colleagues from Exabytes have won the Consolation and Finalists’ prizes.

Don’t take this wrongly as the competition is nothing like the actual football games. Instead, the participants were to predict the scores and the teams which would qualify for quarter finals up to the final!

It was really an exciting competition, as we all know that many unpredicted outcomes were witnessed in the 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup. So there goes the winner of this competition, who insisted to be known as MR Tan; the tall guy who you can see holding the Adidas Jabulani ball in his hands at the center of the photo.

Besides, the foresighted and lucky finalists got the original World Cup caps; actual size soccer balls for the Special Prize winners and mini-size soccer balls for the Consolation Prize winners.

As you can see, Annie Ong, our Customer Service Manager (the one who holds the England red cap in the photo and dressed in Exabytes T-shirt) was one of the finalists. And Gaveen Khor, our System Engineer who dressed in Exabytes T-shirt, is the winner of Consolation Prize who holds a mini-size soccer ball in his hand second from your right in the photo.

Congratulations again to the Grand Prize winner – MR Tan, and of course our colleagues from Exabytes, Annie Ong and Gaveen Khor. You are making us proud for being so foresighted! πŸ™‚

Suntech WorldCup 2010 Contest
Suntech WorldCup 2010 Contest