1 Domain 1 Tree

1domain1 tree! 1domain1tree! That’s the slogan we have been shouting in our office recently.

Time flies, in a blink of an eye Exabytes has already served its clients for more than 9 years. In the process of gaining the reputation as the biggest web hosting provider in Malaysia, we have made and gained many friends and loyal customers in the supporting community.

In this special 9th Anniversary, we want to give back to the supporting community and contribute to the efforts of making the world a better place.

Come join the joy of this October, as Exabytes will be planting a tree for every single purchase made at Exabytes. It doesn’t matter if you only renew your domain or register for a new domain with us, one tree will still be planted. More trees will be planted if you sign up for a hosting plan, a VPS or a Dedicated Server.

Wondering how many trees can you help to plant? Check out the TREE TABLE below:

1 domain 1 tree

We have set our target to contribute 2000 TREES in this program which will be running for 1-month time.

HELP PROMOTE A GREENER EARTH by spreading the news to your friends and family via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter OR fill in your friends’ email addresses at the URL below:

URL: http://1domain1tree.my

WAIT NO MORE! Pick up your mouse and plant a tree TODAY!

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