Thinking of visiting our data center in KL and take a look at the state-of-the-art facilities anytime soon? Well, if you plan to, it can be arranged in a short time as our 3 very friendly technical staff are ever ready to show you around during your visit and furnish you with any technical details you would like to know! Introducing the 3 very friendly faces in charge of the operation of our data center in KL, Albert Lee, Khuzaini and Yazid.

Handling technical stuff at Exabytes is no easy job, in addition one need to have quick responsiveness and agility of mind besides being qualified for the job in terms of working experience. As we greatly emphasize and assure 99.9% server uptime to our clients, our system engineers in our data center must be well trained to handle any technical issues related to our physical servers.

Our Three Musketeers in our data center – Albert, Yazid and Khuzaini
Our Three Musketeers in our data center – Albert, Yazid and Khuzaini

Besides being alert all the time, the major duties of our 3 highly qualified system engineers in our KL data center include monitoring the servers, attending to server issues such as server downtime and irresponsiveness, setting up servers requested by the billing department, showing our visiting customers around during the data center tour and providing any necessary assistance as well as replying helpdesk tickets.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the person who oversees the entire operation and handles the manpower in our KL office, our Data Center Manager MR Albert Lee. As a detailed and meticulous person, Albert’s daily tasks consist of ensuring high standard Quality Control and meeting client service level agreement by performing frequent check on the servers as well as the tasks completed by Khuzaini and Yazid.

Albert, our Data Center Manager
Albert, our Data Center Manager

Although his tasks may sound serious and demanding, on a personal level he is a guy who always brings joy and laughter in the office and is ‘notorious’ for having a wicked sense of humor. Many of us can still vividly recall a funny occasion when he was talking to a customer on the phone. When asking the customer to spell his domain name to him, Albert was unsure whether the customers had spelled ‘s’ or ‘x’ in the domain name. But instead of asking the customer: Is it ‘s’ as in Singapore or ‘x’ as in Xerox, he asked: Is it ‘s’ as in Superman or ‘x’ as in X-Man?

As the Data Center Manager, he believes in discovering the talent in every subordinate and developing their potential to help to achieve organizational goals. Besides, he also believes in putting employees first and understanding their needs and feelings.

Jai the animal lover
Jai the animal lover

Albert’s invaluable assistants are Khuzaini and Yazid. Speaking of Khuzaini or more fondly known as Jai, he is the type of person who always carries a serious face at work. While one may be deterred by his serious ‘nature’ when approaching him, very few of us in the office know that he is actually a die-hard animal lover! In his free time, Jai would eat with cats, bathe with cats and play with cats.

A serious face at work is just the facade, inside this gentleman there is a loving soul. Jai’s motto is always stay positive, be proactive and always be willing to learn new things and take up new challenges.

Zid who loves new challenges
Zid who loves new challenges

Last but not least, is the quietest person in the department, Yazid aka Zid. Despite his innate pleasant personality, Zid is known as the ‘speak only when spoken’ person at Exabytes. At work, try speak to him about something and you can be assured that he would answer you with only a few words or the shortest possible answer ever. However, according to reliable sources, he is the type of person who is inclined to ‘speak’ by actions rather than words. Indeed, to many of us, Zid is a very action oriented person.

At work, he enjoys doing in-depth research on how to solve certain technical issues and working hard to resolve them. To him, work satisfaction comes when he is able to eventually resolve the issues before sharing the new knowledge he just picked up with his colleagues. Apart from this, he also believes in taking a creative and innovative approach in tackling any technical issues.

So this wraps up the story of our 3 very dedicated system engineers who spend a large amount of their time safeguarding our physical servers and ensuring 99.9% server uptime. If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in future, why don’t schedule a data center tour with us and our Three Musketeers will be more than happy to show you their great hospitality!

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