You have heard the news. You have seen the preview. And now, for the first time ever, Exabytes new website is out in the open for all of you to experience!

The process of building the fully developed website was not an easy task. It did require a lot of hard work, dedication and effort from the team in order to make the website up and running rather perfectly as it is now.

Don’t mind our sleepless hours. Don’t mind our weariness for working late every day just to complete this website. All we wanted was our customer satisfaction and to deliver the best and nothing but the very best to our clients!

Thank you for those of you who have given us all the constructive comments given in order to help making our new website a better website, and we hope for your continued support for the years to come as well! Enjoy your new browsing experience and don’t forget to leave in some comments on the Customer Review section regarding our products! 😉

Happy browsing and.. purchasing too of course! 😛

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Exabytes has specialized in providing web hosting services since year 2001. Ranked No. 1 in Malaysia since 2005, we now serve over 75,000+ Customers (from individuals, students, small & medium size businesses, to government and public listed companies) in 121 countries and manage over 1000+ Servers with 100,000+ websites, 1,000,000+ email accounts.
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12 years ago

I think you guys should change the blog design as well. Well, make it look more professional. That will make customers or any people to trust Exabytes more as a company. Increase reliability through first impression. 🙂

12 years ago

Anyway, can I ask, does the office like in the picture on About page really exists? Because it looks so 3D.

12 years ago

Yes. Thank you for your suggestion. The blog face-lift is already in our plan.

The office picture in About Us page is the 3D mockup of our new office.