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A Backup Plan Made For Your Website and Emails

Backing up your data could not be any more simpler, R1soft Restore Backups continuously makes copy of everything on your website and email files with a 14 days retention period. Backup is done daily and you can easily access any specific files to perform the one click restoration function. R1soft Restore Backups is here so you never have to worry about losing any of your important hosting files again.

Website Backups

Email Backups

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The Features of R1Soft Backup

automate backup

Automated Backups

R1soft allows users to feel safe knowing their files are being backup automatically. Users can also restore older files just with a simple few clicks. This flexibility gives users the confidence doing their daily tasks without worrying about data loss.

daily backup

Daily Backups

Users files will be automatically get backup whenever the day ends. Your latest updates and changes will get saved every day, which in turn allows users to choose which files to recover if necessary.

one click restore

One-Click Restore

Users can choose to restore current files with specific version or files of their choice. Browse for files needed from R1soft dashboard and just hit the restore function. It is that simple!


Backup Retention Days

14 Days! Users files will be kept for 14 days before they get replaced with new files. Older files which have met the 14 days timeline will be deleted and get replaced with newer files first prior to others.


Download .RAW Files

If users want to increase security, they can choose to download their files to their device of choice. By doing so it allows users to have instant offline access to their files.


Send to Anget

Send files to another server to help authenticate your backup. This also includes a step by step guide on how to restore the files. This feature will make sure that the authentication is true before proceeding further.

* Kindly Login To Your Client Area To Purchase Your Web Hosting Restore Backups

Just $3.00/mo

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