KC Wong <span class="pos-title">from iZenMedia.com</span>

KC Wong from iZenMedia.com

Rating: ★★★★★

“I have signed up for Exabyte’s Linux Premium Business Web Hosting – EBiz Plus PRO v7 – Linux package. Loving it so far because:
1. it is 10x faster than normal non-SSD hosting
2. support is top notch & very responsive
3. 1st year comes with 52% discount on hosting fees

Awesome & highly recommended! Keep up the great work, Exabytes!”

John <span class="pos-title">Marketer</span>

John Marketer

“Rating” ★★★★★

“I found Exabytes through a friend’s recommendation. The pricing is excellent. The support, in the rare cases that I’ve needed it, has been incredibly responsive. High recommended.”

Tan Gui Ong <span class="pos-title">Nexus Media Works</span>

Tan Gui Ong Nexus Media Works

“Rating” ★★★★★

“I’m happy with your server support team, they are always there to assist me to solve the certain issue that I had raised up in a short period. Keep it Up!”

Paul Walsh-Roberts <span class="pos-title">changeofalifetime.com</span>

Paul Walsh-Roberts changeofalifetime.com

“Rating” ★★★★★

“At the time of writing (August 2017) I currently have 2 hosting accounts and several domains registered with Exabytes and I’m quite happy, overall. I’ve had hosting accounts and domain registrations with Exabytes for several years during which time there have been improvements made to products, features and services that have kept Exabytes up to date with trends and technological advances, benefits which they have passed on to customers. A few years ago, I arranged to move my hosting from Asia to Exabytes’ USA servers and the migration was handled efficiently and in a timely fashion by Exabytes support team. Although my own hosting requirements are quite small, Exabytes products seem to be full-featured to cover any hosting requirements I could imagine, and generally the service and prices are goo. I’ve also been impressed with Exabytes’ almost-neglibile downtime over my years as a customer. As an English-speaking customer, I have found difficulties and frustrations at times with communication of technical and other issues with the Support team at Exabytes, who appear non-fluent in English language, however that has begun improving since early 2017. All-in-all, I continue to be generally satisfied with Exabytes as a hosting service.”

Boryana Georgieva <span class="pos-title">Domain Reseller</span>

Boryana Georgieva Domain Reseller

“Rating” ★★★★★

“Found Exabytes through a promotion on Namepros forum and registered some domains. Nice interface and kind support.”

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