Ouch! Stung by bees!

If you are terrified of bees and you hate bees, this might be your chance to eliminate that thought from your mind. Let’s get an in-depth understanding on bees’ life and are they as busy as what is described in the famously known idiom – “As Busy As A Bee”! And if human has been invading bees’ privacy by “stealing” their honey!

You won’t know anything until you check out the poster below!

Yes, Exabytes will be organizing a private movie screening for this special BEE MOVIE. This is one of the activities that Exabytes shares it with its beloved clients, business partners and also members of public.

Hurry! Let’s join and make this as merrier as possible.  All you need to do is  submit the survey by 29 Oct 2007, 5.00 pm GMT +0800

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