About Exabytes – From Chan Kee Siak

Exabytes logoAbout Exabytes

Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd is a leading web hosting company based in Malaysia that was founded on the principle of providing the best web hosting solutions to their customers. The story behind “Exabytes” as company’s official name happened when CEO, Chan Kee Siak acknowledged the existence of a well-known company that goes with the name of “Gigabytes”. Sounds like a BIG organization, isn’t it? But being the visionary and competitive person that he is, Chan is determined to be even BIGGER and better than them, and so, the idea of naming the company “Exabytes” kicked in.

History of Success

Like a toddler learning how to walk, Exabytes has fallen a few times before it was able to stand tall in this robust cyber world today. We fell, then we rose, then we fell, but we rose again, stronger than ever before. It was this determination spirit that makes us what we are today – the number #1 web hosting provider in the region, voted by our customers.

Recalling back the past, we were just a web hosting reseller known as hostkaki.com and the present CEO was the sole founder back then. But step by step, Exabytes strived to give the best service to its clients and eventually grew into becoming a web hosting provider in 2001.

At the early stage of Exabytes establishment, we only had a group of 5 staffs, consist of the CEO, the customer service, and the technical support department to run the newly established business. Together, we had to work round the clock to achieve our mission and vision. But through a lot of perseverance, patience, mixed with perspiration, we were able to grow into becoming Malaysia’s leading web hosting provider, serving our most loyal customer today, and many years to come.

Needless to say, this success was not acquired overnight without a lot of hard work from our own dedicated and loyal team. 8 years of experience in the web hosting industry has earned us the highest ranking in the web hosting industry in Malaysia, and of course, the client’s trust in making Exabytes their definite choice to cater their web hosting needs.

Yours truly,
Chan Kee Siak
7th April 2006