Exabytes Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween is here to haunt you once again, and one of the things that make Halloween so great is that you can dress up the way you have always been dreaming of and have your character accepted.

Therefore, this Halloween, show us what you got and flaunt your creativity by joining Exabytes Halloween Costume Contest and stand a chance to win Sony Digital Photo Printer worth USD175!

Whether you want to be draped in rolls and rolls of tissue papers just like a mummy, or have long blonde wig that sweeps the floor like a mermaid or just dress yourself in gothic black like a mysterious eerie witch, we’d like to see it!

Here’s the tips. The winning keys are, be unique, creative and original. Originality will make the difference and let you stand out from the rest of the more traditional costumes.

So what are you waiting for? Click picture below and join today for a chance to win a howling good time with Sony Digital Photo Printer!

Halloween Costume Contest

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  1. Absolutely great idea.This is a good “Halloween costumes contest” for
    winning a Sony digital photo printer.I have joined this contest,
    and waiting for result.


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