Success Stories: Digitalisation Brought Increase in Sales for Bazara Trading Sdn Bhd

Helping businesses digitalise and taking them on the journey of digitalisation is one of the core reasons Exabytes exist. We promise to take and guide you through this new journey of hopes and excitements, and we appreciate each and every success stories of our clients. Bazara Trading Sdn Bhd decided to take a step ahead to digitalise their business. We spoke to then after helping them to grow their business online to hear their success stories.

Tell us a little bit about your company

Kenda Orient Sdn Bhd and Bazara Trading Sdn Bhd are subsidiaries of Bazara Group from the Middle East which is currently headquartered in Dubai. Bazara Group is one of the biggest conglomerates in the Middle East region with diversified interests in automobile, banking, insurance, steel & gas manufacturing, education, fisheries, and general trading. Our flagship company is AMTC, which is the sole distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in Yemen for more than 60 years ( We are known as one of the most stable groups in the Middle East region, with an excellent track record of diversification and growth.

With Kenda Orient, Bazara Group, which is our branding platform for FMCG business and Bazara Trading Sdn Bhd, Bazara Group enters into the South East Asia region. The group has also invested in other ventures in Malaysia and Indonesia to carry on its diversification strategy.

Bazara Trading Sdn Bhd ( is an FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) company corporated in Malaysia. Our main focus of the company is on imports and exports of consumer-packaged products. We deal with non-durables such as food and non-food items.

What was your purchase with Exabytes for your digitalisation journey? 

Bazara Trading started off as a brick and mortar company. We came to a point where we were looking to digitalise our business. We wanted to build a website for our company. We know that by having a website, we can reach out to more potential customers around the world. It automatically creates brand awareness for our company. Our plan was to list out our products on our website to create convenience for viewers to know us better and know what products we offer. Hence, we engaged with Exabytes to get our domain name, for their web hosting, and to build our website.

How has the digitalisation journey with Exabytes help your business?

By digitalising and having a website of our own, we have seen an increase in our brand awareness. More people know of our existence, and people recognise our website We find that people automatically know what our company does once they visit our website. The website has not only built our brand awareness, but it indirectly educates the viewers of our business nature.

After having our website built, we also saw an increase of about 15% in the company’s sales and productivity. We always ask our potential customers to refer back to our website for general information.

How did you hear about Exabytes and are you likely to recommend Exabytes and digitalisation to your family and friends?

We got to know about Exabytes through a family member. We were introduced to their services and we have heard that Exabytes can help us in digitalising, which will in time help us grow our business.

Overall, we are very happy with the services we have gotten from Exabytes. The whole set up process went very well and up to today, they are still managing our account well, with great support when we need them.


The team at Exabytes is more than happy to learn that the digitalisation journey of Bazara Trading Sdn Bhd has helped the business in many ways. Helping businesses digitalise and grow online is one of Exabytes’ mission. The successful digitalisation journey of Bazara Trading Sdn Bhd is one that we have learned from and we wish them all the very best is growing bigger online.

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