Labour Day is celebrated in Malaysia on 1st May every year. Thus naturally many of us are under the impression that Labour Day falls on the same date even in different countries.

In fact, Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September in Canada, on the fourth Monday of October in New Zealand, and on the first Monday of September in the United States, etc.

But no matter on which date it falls, Labour Day (or Labor Day in the case of the United States) is celebrated with the unanimous intention to reward, cherish, commemorate and celebrate the economic and social achievements of fellow workers.

On this 1st May Exabytes wishes everybody a Happy and Fulfilling holiday! We hope that you have already booked your vacation 🙂

To celebrate this special occasion, our office will be closed on 2nd May, Monday (replacement holiday of 1st May, Sunday) and resume operation on 3rd May, Tuesday. However, please do not hesitate to contact our professional technical team which is reachable 24×7 via helpdesk ( in case any technical assistance is required.

Happy Holiday eveybody!

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