1. Treat the stomach

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So why not treat your employees with one of your best baked cookies or muffins? Good taste can make people to have good emotion. Sometimes you can also share out your delicious recipe to make colleagues feeling happy of learning great thing for free. 


2. Recognize and reward employees.

“Reward frequency is more important than size. Business feedback indicates that smaller, frequent positive feedback and rewards will keep people happy longer than a single large, infrequent happy event. Even the biggest awards or raises ‘wear out’ in less than a year, with most employees responding better to small doses every few days.”

You may also try out a reward system in EasyWork. Small reward big happiness. This app is always loved by SME Company. https://www.easywork.asia/

3. Offer more vacation time.

“Reward your highest performers with incremental vacation days. These employees are your superstars, so you can be confident they will get their work done as well as enjoy a few extra days of well-deserved time off with family and friends.” Beside that, you may also organize company trip for those who are greatly achieved their KPI annually. 

4. Let employees do work they feel passionate about.

The most important contributor to employee happiness was, “Working in an area or industry you’re passionate about,” followed closely by “Working for company that effects positive change in the world.” Both of these values, said Baumer, ranked far higher than salary in terms of creating happiness in the workplace.

If your company is purpose-driven in its mission, you are likely already attracting workers who are doing work they feel passionate about. But any company can find ways for their work to give back to the community.

Consider donating a portion of profits to a scholarship fund or sponsoring a local charity drive. If your employees are able to see tangible proof that their employer is contributing to a worthwhile cause, they are more likely to feel positive about the work they do.

Passion for your work can also mean doing work you find compelling and rewarding, whether or not it is purpose-driven. Give your employees the chance to take on new challenges, and encourage them to speak with their managers about what their professional goals and interests are. Employees who are invested in their jobs are both happier and more motivated.

5. Give Encouragement

Projects and task at work may be overwhelming and stressful at times. So encourage your employees who are in a negative situation at the moment. Do not scold them but encourage them.  

When they received these words of encouragement from management, they will realise that management is aware of their situation and are supporting them.


6. Share your Skills

A quick way to make your employees happy at work is by sharing a skill that you have just learnt over the weekend, such as baking tips or any latest knowledge gained from conference that you attended. May share your skill depends on your colleagues’s need. For example: some colleagues may interested with sport, cooking, fashion, car, travel and etc. Share your experience to bring a discussion topic with them. 

By sharing what you have learnt over the weekend or during after-hours courses makes your employees realised that you are not selfish with your knowledge. 

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