Guess who showed up in reds in our annual dinner held recently? That’s right, none other than the cool, crazy people from Exabytes! As the theme for the night was “Red Passion”, everybody was asked to dress up in red – the red the better! 😀

It was a great night @ Wonderland Restaurant, Penang. The food was simply lip smacking, and the OCs were doing so amazing for pumping up the already happening night!


The evening started with a welcoming speech by our CEO, Mr Chan Kee Siak. Although not prepared, his speech was brilliant nonetheless, inspiring each of us to work even harder for this year around. Oh yea, we work hard, we play hard! 😉


The night continued to heat up with games & activities while we indulged ourselves with large helping of foods! They were 7 courses altogether, so you can imagine how our tummies were like, by the fourth serving!

1.. 2.. lift the food! In Chinese culture, it is believed that the higher you lift and toss the “Lao Shen”, the better!








The first game for the night was the Small Fish, Big Fish game. Representatives from each table were called out, and their mind & hearing skills were put to test!

This contest was won by Ms Dawn, who took back 10 packets of ang-pows to her team!



The game continued with the Test Your Maths game where representatives from each table were given a few tricky maths questions, which they need to solve very quickly! The fastest person with the correct answer will win the game!

This contest was won by Ms HP Loh, who took back yet another 10 packets of ang-pows to her team, which coincidentally happened to be Ms Dawn’s team! All of us were green with envy! 😛




Hard work and unconditional dedication deserved to be rewarded well. Therefore, on the very same night, Certification Giving Ceremony was also held to those who have worked hard into making Exabytes the leader in the webhosting industry thus far. 10 heroes & heroines of Exabytes were called to the stage, to receive their Employee of the Months certificate for Year 2008. Ladies & gentlemen, let us give a round of applause to the backbone people of Exabytes! *claps claps*

(From left : Avian, Annie, KY Chan, Susan, SY Ho, CY Tan, Mr Chan Kee Siak, KM Chow, Gaveen, David, and JY Teh!)


The Loyalty Award was also presented to one of our most faithful staffs in Exabytes, Ms Adeline Tan who has served Exabytes for more than 5 years, and so dedicated at doing her job, she even stayed with Exabytes and worked remotely, while she was in the United States following her husband who was transferred there.

Let’s give it up for Adeline Tan, the dedicated lady! *woooooot!*


The night carried on with the Lucky Draw session, and a band performance from the our own err, talented boys, the uh, The Red Talented Leng-Chais! 😛




And of course, every award night is also a glamorous night. And everybody came with outfits that say, “I am dressed, to impress!” Acknowledging the effort, the company has reserved the Best Male & Female Outfits Award for the last. Everybody was asked to vote the best female/male outfits that deserve to win the award.

The hall has decided, and the Best Male Outfit goes to.. Mr Roger! Look how giddy he is to have won the award! 😛


And the Best Female Outfit, goes to… Ms Thara! Here’s to the glamorous moment for the both of them!


Oh and not forgetting, our special guests for the night who have together made our annual dinner a success!


To wrap up this entry, here’s the portrait of our huge happy family together with their spouses! Thanks to all who have made this Annual Dinner a huge success!


Of course, not forgetting, the key people who made this successful event possible – the OCs! Job well done guys here’s to the 4 of you (TS Ooi, Kevin, Khuzaini and HM Neoh), cheers! 😉


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15 years ago

Happy 牛 Year to all

15 years ago

Happy Chinese New Year, everybody! May this year be a year of blessings & prosperity to all!