10 years ago, how people search for a new home was through newspaper or through mouth by mouth recommended by family members. Today, the generation has changed, what you need to do is just grab a smartphone and go as everything that you wish to look for, you can get a search from the Internet.

When connecting domain names with real estate agents, you must have a lot of questions mark appear in your brain. How come domain and real estate can be combined together, how can they cooperate with each other?

Why do real estate agents need to go for a domain name?

Real estate now is in the digital age. Report stated that 50% of buyers will search for their new home online. This number is the best proven to explain why real estate agents will need a domain name.

Become the local agent

Having your own domain name gives you an advantage when it comes to targeting specific geographic areas. Local SEO will be the trend in the future. 92% of consumers will pick a business on the first page of local. Google will track the location of visitors when they are searching and figure out a suitable local website for users. For example, if you are now in Malaysia and search ‘real estate agent’ on Google, it will come out those .my or .com.my domain extension for you such as www.propertyguru.com.my.

When a potential client begins to look at real estate in your target area, there is a greater chance that they will discover you. What’s even better is that your site will have information specifically about that area, so you will look like the “go to” agent. Domain names give a strong identity to the real estate agent and increase the credibility of the business.

Brand yourself

You must be asking why real estate agents need branding. Branding is the way that clients can connect and identify with your company. There are so many real estate agents out there vying for a piece of the real estate market, there is so much chance for your potential customers to overlook your company. How to overcome this? Grab a domain name to set yourself apart from the competition. By having your own domain you are creating your online brand, as your website is a direct reflection of your authority, goals, and services.

But how to choose a good domain name is a headache for users. You might end up using naming strategies that will lead online visitors away. These mistakes are easy to make, but avoiding them is just as simple.

How to choose a good domain name for real estate agents?

A short domain name is needed

Try to imagine back the most familiar website in the world FacebookInstagramTwitter or Youtube, you will find out these websites are just with few characters. The goal of an effective domain name is to make a professional impression. Alexa data found that the most common domain name at the top 250 has 7 average characters. Long does not mean good. Keep your domain name short and on point to increase visitors memory

Make it easy to pronounce and spell

You must have a question mark why domain needs to be easy to pronounce, people will just type on Google and search. Not really. Keep in mind. Mouth by mouth referral still is an effective marketing method in 2020. The easier your domain name to pronounce, the more accurate when visitors searching your website online. Many users will end up visiting the site with the properly spelled-out domain, which might be one of your competitors.

Select a brandable name

Keep it short and keep it easy does not mean your domain name needs to be simple like normal. Your domain name needs to be unique and attractive so that it stands out in your visitors’ minds. For example, propertyguru.com.my. Property means real estate and “guru” in Malay stands for the teacher. This is a very common word for Malaysian and makes it easy to remember it. Another good example to prove, iproperty.com.my. It’s just easy to memorize like my property.

Learn more about how to make up a great brandable domain

Because your domain name will represent you, and your real estate business on the internet, it is crucial to choose a proper domain name. Get your business online with Exabytes Domain.

Grab your own domain today, make your real estate business up to mark!