August is a special month. The number "8" means properity in Chinese, and has been widely use as the lucky number – to prosper. Especially this year. On the 8th of August, it reads as 08-08-08. Triple prosperity. No wonder China chose this date to launch the country’s first ever Olympic games.

So what’s so special about the 20th of the same month? If the date shows the year in full, it reads as 20-08-2008. Taking out the first hypen, it’s 2008-2008. Well, we got a ‘matching date’ here – the day and month is equivalent to the year.

Let’s call it the ‘Double Match’ Day.

couple ‘Double Match’ translates into Chinese’s "Cheng Shuang Cheng Dui" which means ‘a pair, a couple’, describing the romantic relationship between the couples.

So, treat your loved one for a romantic dinner at your nearest fine dining restaurant. Or use the day to propose. Or if you haven’t found your ‘chosen one’ yet, use the day to give you the courage to confess.

We wish you celebrate the ‘Double Match’ day in style.

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12 years ago

20.08.1008 is my birthday in fact.


12 years ago

oops.. its 20.08.2008. haha..

12 years ago

happy belated birthday, fuqaha! 🙂