July 2008 is the final month of the First Season of Employee of The Month. As the first season wraps up, guess who is the final month’s winner? It’s a fabulous result and very amazing indeed. The first month winner is also the final month winner. Seems like our “Knight In Shining Armour” has done it again!

KM Chow – A name that has frequently appeared in clients’ testimonials is for sure the superstar in Exabytes. His patience in handling clients and a lot more other admirable traits have no doubt earned him another round of reserved car park slot and he is now richer by RM 500. 😛

Let’s take a peek at his endless excellent traits which earn respect from all of us…

  • Dedicated to his job
  • Working even after normal working hours to get his job done
  • He is a hardworking lad
  • Continuous learning – Possesses never-say-die attitude
  • A responsible colleague
  • He is always on the alert for everything

So, being the second time winner, are we going to publish his photos here? Or we will just redirect you back to the previous blog entries? Haha..Sure we will post up another photo of him with a different pose.

Here you go…


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adrian oh
adrian oh
15 years ago

km chow, i would say when he’s “out fixing things”, all the technical issue can be resolved. thnx for the great support thus far. keep up the good work.