Time flies and it’s again time for us to crown and pass the magic wand to this month’s EOTM! Even though we are excited to reveal who the honorable individual is, let me save you the suspense and furnish you with some traceable hints!

•    She got whole body ache after her first time sauna
•    She is Exabytes’ Santa Claus once a month
•    She has access to anywhere within our office

Sensing the improbability of hiding it some more, let’s put our hands together for our EOTM for June 2009, Ms Chan Kee Yeong! Even if the night is dark and the water is cold, even if the air-con is freezing and the atmosphere is chilly, none of these matters as we have the most warm-hearted lady in the house, who is always so helpful, extremely generous and kind at heart. Versatile in nature, she is extremely well-versed in multitasking. Highly organized and meticulous in every detail, she possesses great organizational skills in every aspect. In spite of all the positive qualities mentioned, she has more than what it takes to be this month’s EOTM:

•    Highly responsible
•    Fast and efficient
•    Friendly
•    Communicate well with team members
•    Willing to work overtime
•    Excellent Punctuality

Respectable and gracefully poised in her own way, she is undoubtedly our deserving heroine this month and once again, Congratulations to you Ms Chan!

KY Chan

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