It was such great fun and honour to interview Kiah Kiean who is the owner of kakidesign.com.

In this interview, we will reveal how he founded his company and how online business helped him achieve success. Find out what problems they have and how he deals with them and more in this fun interview! πŸ˜‰

  1. Please describe what your business is all about?
    KaKi Creative is a design studio base in Penang, providing graphic design services and creative visual solutions.
  2. Tell us how you first started your business.
    I started my very first design project in year 2002 with a desktop which was assembled by my cousin Chan Kee Siak (now the CEO of Exabytes).
  3. What encouraged/inspired you into starting this business?
    Simple, I love design. That’s why I call my studio KaKi Creative.
  4. What are the differences between kakidesign, kakicreative and kakicreation?
    KaKi Design is the first sole proprietor company started in 2002. In year 2007 some partners joined the team and we changed the company name to KaKi Creative. KaKi Creation is a future project where I started to develop Penang’s artist and designer products. I also have a personal artist website, kiahkiean.com which showcases my sketches work.
  5. Have you always wanted to do what you are doing since you were a child?
    Yes, I am a lucky person, I do what I like and what I dreamt when I was a child.
  6. What are, in your opinion, the three most important things that make you successful?
    Love, Passion & Luck!
  7. Have you received any awards or acknowledgements so far? Please mention if there is any.
    Not at the moment.
  8. How long did it take you to get this far?
    5 years and I think there is still a long road to go.
  9. What were the biggest challenges did you have to go through to get this far?
    Design managements and learning from mistakes.
  10. What is the best part about being an entrepreneur for you?
    When I hear “I like your work!” from my clients.
  11. Did you start off your business with the presence of a website?
  12. What makes you choose to want to have an online presence (website)?
    As a designer, I do not need to bring my heavy portfolio bag anymore. People can just view my works online. It’s really convenient to have a website.
  13. How does having a website make any difference in helping you run your daily business?
    Communication becomes much easier for me. I also use the ftp service by Exabytes to transfer big files to clients far away, for example, in Singapore and other parts of the world.
  14. How much do you utilize your website and email usage in your daily operations?
    Almost 100% for emails.
  15. Do you think having an online presence contributed to the success of your business in some way? Why or why not?
    Yes, visual presentation become easier, people know what you are doing and can review your quality of works.
  16. Do you think not having a website now will affect the success of your business? Why or why not?
    Yes, in this rapid changing world, fast information and communication become very important. With a website, it’s possible.
  17. How did you find yourself during this recession time and how does having an online presence help you gain business (if any)?
    Most of our clients are regular clients.
  18. If there were entrepreneurs out there thinking of starting up a business, would you encourage them to get a website for their business? Why or why not?
    Yes, it is important to let others know what you are doing and also the principle and concept behind.
  19. If given a chance, would you like to try other things than what you are doing now? If yes, what business/field would it be?
    Nah, I still dream of being a fulltime artist and running an art gallery.
  20. What advice do you have for new startups who dream to have their own business and yet find it hard to make the leap?
    Don’t be afraid to go for your dreams.
  21. Is there any artworks that you’re proud of that you would like to share with our readers out there?
    Definitely! For more of my artworks, please visit http://kiahkiean.com/v02/kkart/sketches_01.htm and for more of my design works, please visit http://www.kakicreative.com/v02/kakicreative/work.htm . Have a pleasant stay! πŸ˜‰

And before we close the curtain, ladies & gentlemen, meet Kiah Kiean, The Gifted Artist! πŸ˜‰


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14 years ago

Kiah Kiean,
Wish you all the best in your business.

14 years ago

Kiah Kiean, your work is really amazing! I love your corporate identity design… looks like next time I need to ask your help in revamping my business’ identity. πŸ™‚

Kiah Kiean
Kiah Kiean
14 years ago

Thanks for the comments, and also Thara for the wonderful post.