[UPDATED] 22 February 2019

Does your website having low traffic? Are you curious about WHY others have thousands or hundred thousands of visitors to their website? There are in fact, a few effective ways which can promote your business websites and increase traffic.

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1) Social Media

Do you have any social media account or fan page such as Facebook? If your answer is NO, this is one of the main reason your website is not getting enough traffic.

Start promoting your website with FREE media channel such as Facebook to save your company plenty of financial resources.

You are able to see the powerful effects on your business once you have a Facebook fan page for your business. Facebook social media platform can help to attract thousands of visitors or more to view your website. Use it to boost your website traffic and generate your profits from the visitors, by promoting your company products and services! Remember to include a link which will bring your fan page followers to your website.

Don’t just use one social media for your business, use multiple channel to reach your potential website visitors. Instagram is another popular social media platform. Instagram has the second largest users followed by Facebook, just imagine how big the potential of bringing in high traffic to your website. Not to mentioned, other popular social media platform such as Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Snapchat.


2) Direct Mail

Some might still be under the impression that sending emails to customers from time to time is unnecessary as many fear that customers would consider the emails as SPAM. The truth is emails can help your business greatly if used correctly.

You can use direct email to keep reminding your customers of your existence. One way of achieving this is to send greeting emails to them from time to time especially during festive seasons. Also, genuinely share valuable information to your email list, let them find your email useful and they will visit your website more.

You can collect your prospects’ email addresses by offering them free gifts or any valuable information that will attract them. With more and more customer’s email addresses in your database, you can increase website traffic by informing them of your promotion or any website updates for them to check it out.

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3) Blog

Ever wondered the purpose of blogging? Besides sharing great content to your audience, it is also a great way to increase your website traffic organically. A blog can also help to make extra money online. Produce blogging content that is relevant and attractive to your targeted audience. There is no right or wrong on writing the content, you need to produce it, published it and review the result. After that, repeat again. There is no shortcut to this but it will help you increase your website traffic organically. This is also one of the way that people is focusing on when improving website SEO.

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4) Coupons

This is another way to drive traffic to your website. You can distribute free gifts or coupons to customers and require them to first visit your website and key in their contact info (such as email addresses) before redemption. This will help in boosting your web traffic as well.

Coupons if used correctly can help your business to build a good relationship with the customers and gain their trust at the same time. Once they have experienced your good products and services, they will definitely come back.


Bonus steps:

5) Forum

Define your target visitors that you want, and look for related forum that your target visitors will visit. Apply an account for that forum and start join in the discussion. By joining forums, you can let more people know about your website and in return increase website traffic for free. Be sure to build a good reputation in a forum to avoid people start spreading bad comment about your website.

Building a good reputation at forum can also help you to boost your website SEO and more traffic will come to your website organically.

6) Pay-per-click (ppc)

Pay-per-click is advertise your website through keyword or display banners. Pay-per-click is one of the fastest way to increase website traffic, however it will involve cost. Google adwords and Facebook ads are a few advertising platform that will produce great result.

However, use this method with caution, only use this method when you know how to operate the platform and you actually know what you are doing. Do not worry, Exabytes do provide Google adwords and Facebook ads service to help you to get more traffic to your website while making sure they are quality traffic.

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