Have you ever called in to talk to the staff of Exabytes regarding your hosting needs? Ever called in to enquire about our latest promotions and negotiate for a better deal? If you have, who exactly were these people who talked to you on the phone/via email and guided you through the process of finding the most suitable hosting package?

Introducing the powerful, energetic and behind the scene force which drives Exabytes forward, our Business Development Department! With the total number of 34,000+ active clients and 100,000+ domains hosted with Exabytes and growing every day, all these dedicated people you have been interacting with on the phone/via email is the driving force which propels Exabytes forward!

Our Business Development Department consists of 8 important and dedicated people, in which 3 of them are in the International Division, and the remaining 5 in the Malaysia Division. Just like any business development personnel in the world, 8 of them spend a huge portion of their time sitting in the meeting room, brainstorming for ideas and coming out with our market-savvy and value-competitive hosting packages which have benefited many Exabytes’ clients. It’s also their passion to carry out regular sales promotions to reward our existing and prospective customers.

This week, we are going to feature the International Division, which is made up of 3 very important persons who handle the business development activities of exabytes.com, exabytes.sg, wpwebhost.com and iloveblog.com.

The most important person in this division, is the lady with very fair skin you see in our photos – Ms Adeline Tan. With her amiable and slightly baby-faced look, it’s hard to imagine the way she delegates and gives advice to her subordinates. True enough, she is the person with the most genuine and radiant smile in our office. Believe it or not, she is always wearing a smiling face even when she is under extreme work pressure! She is best known for her meticulous attention to detail in marketing planning, and to a lot of us, she is a fine lady who knows how to smile!

Her main duties include overseeing the entire operation in the division, updating/maintaining exabytes.com and exabytes.sg websites, assigning tasks of projects and establishing plans to achieve sales targets.

Adeline’s ambition is to see more and more products/companies holding the brand name of Exabytes, and as a Business Development Manager, she enjoys training new blood for the company, and seeing them grow into independent leaders one day.

Adeline Tan, the manager of Exabytes’ Business Development Department - International Division
Adeline Tan, the manager of Exabytes’ Business Development Department - International Division

Moving on, we have another main man in this division, Luis Ku. Luis Ku is the man who is responsible for bringing in our website traffic, making sure that Exabytes’ websites are user-friendly and moderating Exabytes’ blog. He is also the person in charge of our wpwebhost.com and iloveblog.com.

Because of his name, he is always likened to the hunky actor Louis Koo from TVB Hong Kong (not his look though), for his tendency to ‘act cool’ at work place. Speak to him about any after work outings/activities during office hours, and you are sure to be greeted by his poker face. But when the clock strikes 5, he will come to you with a smile on his face and say: “Hey… I heard you guys were talking about going to this/that place tonight right? What time huh? Can I join?”

Luis Ku’s motto as a Business Development Executive is to never think about how to sell to your customers, but instead, think about how we can help them in finding what they want.

Luis Ku, the person in charge of wpwebhost.com and iloveblog.com
Luis Ku, the person in charge of wpwebhost.com and iloveblog.com

Last but not least, let us introduce to you Michael Ch’ng, the most junior staff in this division. Speaking of him, he is the person who makes a lot of us jealous, for HE IS PAID TO do ‘facebooking’ and ‘twittering’! This young man spends most of his working time sitting in front of a computer, logging on to Facebook, Twitter, etc. His main duties are to promote Exabytes and its products on Facebook and Twitter, chat to people at forums, send newsletters and organize various contests for our customers.

According to our manager, Michael is usually not motivated at work until he is challenged! In other words, he likes to be given a lot of demanding tasks to handle, and fancies achieving targets all the time. Sounds eccentric to you? Hehe… I would say he is special in his own way. 🙂

Michael’s motto at work is to always put yourselves in customers’ shoes, understand their needs, be creative and always give your customers the most attractive promotions.

Michael Ch’ng, the most junior staff in this division
Michael Ch’ng, the most junior staff in this division

There go the 3 very important persons in our International Division. Their division might be small, but they are certainly 3 very strong and robust propellers for Exabytes!

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