Exabytes $5 Free Credits

The pandemic has brought a negative impact on the country’s economy and almost all sectors are affected. In an effort to assist businesses to sustain in this challenging time, Exabytes is pleased to announce a special $5 Free Credit Program to help businesses and individuals take their business online.

The program aims to assist businesses and individuals with digital transformation to adapt to the new normal. All businesses and individuals are welcome to claim this offer. We are ready to help you succeed in your digital transformation journey.

The free credits can be used to purchase All Exabytes products/services that can aid your business transformation process.

To claim the free credits, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to our Free Credit Page.

Step 2: Register a new account on our website or download Exabytes mobile app.

Step 3: Your free credits are now in your account and ready to be used.

*This offer is for new signups only.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can the credits be used?
The credits can be used to purchase ANY Exabytes products (new signups only), including Domain Names, Web Hosting, VPS, Server Hosting, Cloud Services, Digital Marketing Services and more.

How to use the credits?
First, you must ensure that you have claimed the credits. Next, signup for any products or services with Exabytes. At checkout, your checkout dashboard will show the option to use your credits. Choose the option and your credits will be applied. For mobile app users, the credits will be applied automatically at checkout.

Can I transfer my credits to others?
No. The credits are attached to respective users and cannot be transferred to others.

Can I spend the credits on other merchants or websites?
No. Exabytes credits can only be used to purchase Exabytes products/services.

How do I know I already claimed the credits?
You must login to your newly registered account and the available credits will be shown on your dashboard. The credit balance will be updated every time they are used.