Exabee is sad! 🙁 Never did he think that www.Exabytes.CO would be taken by others!

One might wonder what is so special about .CO Domain names (or domain extension)? Besides being the country-code of Top Level Domain for the Republic of Colombia, .CO today is as good as.COM in representing a Credible and Recognizable GLOBAL BRAND. It is in fact used by many large corporations such as Twitter (t.co), Bank of America Corporation (bankofamerica.co),YTL (ytl.co), etc.

This is GOOD NEWS to companies or individuals who already got their .COM domains TAKEN by others! What about YourCompany.co? Has it already been taken by others?

While we truly regret that we didn’t act earlier to register www.Exabytes.CO, you still can!

With just RM38 (Normal price: RM150), you can register NOW to PROTECT YOUR BRAND!! Unlike .COM, there are still a lot of good names left with .CO extension.

Besides, .Co also represents many other meanings; it can represent Company, Corporation, Connection, Banking, and Commerce and in the case of individuals for blogs, forums, and social-networking purposes. You could refer to the below on how to tap on the benefits of .Co domain names.

For more information, kindly log on to: http://www.exabytes.my/services/domain/codomain.php

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