It’s war time for Exabytes team members! Last Saturday, our company had a great time “fighting” each other – those who wanted to vent their anger on someone (usually it’s the CEO who will become the main target πŸ˜› ) ..then that was the time for us to do so! Haha.

For those of you who are not aware of what PAINball is (just to clarify that the correct spelling is PAINTball – but because the shot is so painful that the scar will last for 3 weeks 8O, the author has no choice but to edit the spelling!), our dedicated team of photographers have snapped some nice shots for your viewing pleasure.

Warming up session..Β Guess who?!


Future assassins listened attentively before going to the battlefield!


After being briefed on what to do and who to target, all the shooters were getting ready with their equipment!

Teammates helping each other


Shooters marched boldly into the battlefield







After the battle, everyone was drop-dead tired! However, each team managed to take their own group photo. Here are the shooters’ faces without a mask!

Team Alpha


Team Bravo


Team Charlie


Team Delta


Wondering who is the winner? Search for the group that has medals on their neck! πŸ˜›

Seems that the main target for this battle is not our CEO but it’s our August’s Employee of The Month!


Now, we shall reveal who is our dedicated team of photographers! Believe it or not, you have to!


And million of thanks specially dedicated to the organizing committee for making this PAINball team building a successful one!


Finally.. the friendly faces of all the shooters!


Cheers to everyone! πŸ™‚

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ZiYu Lai 紫雨
ZiYu Lai 紫雨
16 years ago

Exabytes is warming up as a good family.

16 years ago

wow… anyone got any marks on their body? you shld snap them… i also had my first experience on PAINball last sunday.. check them out here..

exabytes seems like a cool company to work for!

16 years ago

It was really fun! A good way to draw the team closer πŸ™‚

wwe action figures
16 years ago

wwe action figures…

Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin…..