After 3 consecutive months of domination by Venus resident, this time round, Mars’ hero comes to the rescue! December’s employee of the month is none other than our favourite hero, Vickson Tan. He is widely known as Exabytes’ Man Of Steel because he is someone who is as strong and as determined as steel. Not even fire can melt the fighting spirit of this “steel”. The hotter the fire, the tougher this lad gets! Exabytes is definitely proud to have him as our Web & Graphic Designer.

You may not be able to see him serving clients in the front desk or listen to him over the phone answering client’s questions but you will be able to see all the artwork, newsletters’ design, web page’s layouts, and flash animations that are produced solely by him.


To us, he is a person who is able to:

  • Meet the timeline despite of tight working schedule – he can work til 3:30 am in the morning to complete a bee movie’s animation.
  • Look after his team members during team building
  • Display a lot of initiative in every task
  • Complete task well and he is dedicated and serious in each task that is assigned to him
  • Show his cheerful smile to each person that he meets.
  • Integrate well with anyone and is forever helpful.
  • Curious enough to know how he looks like? Don’t worry, we won’t end this entry without posting our Exabytes’ “sunshine man’s snap shot!


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