Steps To A Better Hosting Experience! So, honestly, what do you understand from the title? Well, let me give you some situations which you may have encountered with your web host. Your webhost suddenly email you and tell you that they will suspend your account for not paying up or they say you have been violating their Terms of Service (TOS) and therefore, they need to suspend your account for the time being. Do those sentences sound familiar? Such things usually happen because of misunderstandings. I guess if everyone discusses calmly and yeah, it’s a pretty easy issue after all.

That’s why I’m here today to share with you some tips on what you can do to lead a happy “virtual” life! Haha.. Yes, if me, I’d want my hosting experience to be a wonderful one instead of having to switch hosts every moment because of dissatisfaction. There are some roles you can do here:

1) Update your contact details

I’m sure if you have new billing address for your credit card, you will immediately inform the bank so that the bank can send your future credit card statement to your appropriate address, else, you will suffer the consequences of late payment. Same goes to your hosting account! No offence here, but it’s really very important to update your contact details especially your email address. Failing to do so, may cause your web site being suspended because if your web host fails to reach you and after numerous warnings of your payment deadlines, they have no choice but to suspend your hosting account. Well, I’m not trying to scare you, but that’s fact. Web sites for online entrepreneurs are more important than anything else. Web site is the heart of their online business. So, imagine how will it be without a web site temporarily?

You have to realise that at times, web hosts need to contact you urgently to inform you some updates, and emails sent to you just seem to never reach the receiver – God knows where that email goes! You tend to be at the losing side compared to your competitors if your competitors receive the emails and managed to act accordingly first. Imagine buying air ticket with AirAsia, if you don’t susbcribe their newsletter and if they have any promotion, for sure, you will always lose out in rushing for super cheap tickets! Recently, Exabytes launched USD 0.99 domain promotion, and I’m pretty confident, those who regularly check emails and with their email addresses up-to-date will receive our USD 0.99 promotional newsletter first!

2) Strong Password Dilemma

I have to admit, I am not good at choosing strong passwords! Whenever I tried to register free email accounts online, the indicator will show that my password is weak. But, it’s a different case for you. My free email accounts may not be as important as your hosting account related passwords. If you cannot remember passwords well, try store them in password management software. Those softwares come with pretty secured features, yeah, less worries for you at least!

3) Up-to-Date Application Is Vital

What do I mean by this point? Application as in updates in certain applications to protect your web site being attacked by worms or viruses. Usually application will need to be updated frequently when they have released patches for their users. Same case as in Windows Security Updates. I am sure you will take the action to update your Windows Security patches, then, why not take the initiative to update applications used in your hosting account as well? We shall be setting up a new Exabytes Security Portal soon and from there, we will update you with the latest security patches! So, stay tuned!

4) Take note if you are hiring web designer/webmasters!

Yes, this is pretty important because if your webmaster leaves your company and all your hosting details leave together with him too, then, you may be in trouble. Again, I’m not trying to frighten you, it’s just some friendly reminders. What you can do is to ask him for the details so that you can pass on the details to the next webmaster. And remember to change the hosting details once the webmaster leaves. It’s just some precautionary measures to ensure all your private information is safe.

I hope I have not bored you with all my words. We certainly hope you can learn something from this article and get better hosting experience. Thank you for reading!

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