Exabytes ASP.NET Website Competition

Exabytes is running a high quality ASP.NET website building competition (that both works and looks fantastic!) and we are looking for some heroes in the making! We seek to encourage and motivate future talent in this area, so if you got what it takes to build a website or if you are even slightly geeky, we want you to join this competition! Come on now! Get that skills out of you (we know you have it somewhere), show the world what you can do, and the best part is, get awarded for it!

First Prize x 1
$500 Cash (via PayPal) + 1 Year EBiz Gold Windows Hosting Plan – $115.80

First Prize!

Second Prize x 1
$250 Cash (via PayPal) + 1 Year EBiz Gold Windows Hosting Plan – $115.80

Second Prize!

Consolation Prizes x 3
1 Year EBiz Gold Windows Hosting Plan – $115.80

Consolation Prize!

Join Now!

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13 years ago

oh wow. thats some big $$$! now what are u waiting for guys, time to put your skill at test and win some $$$! join now now now!