25 Jan 2008, another glorious day of Exabytes. This time we have won another award which is Golden Award under the 1st Top 50 Enterprise Awards Malaysia 2007 organised by PUMM (Persatuan Usahawan Musa Malaysia a.k.a The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia founded on 1993).

The primary objective of PUMM is to assist and promote young entrepreneurs with a view to realise their dreams in a global competitive environment, with the intention that this primary objective will contribute to the wealth and prosperity of the country.

The auspicious occasion started with registration and arrival of guests and award winners at 6:30 pm. During socializing among each other, guests have enjoyed the interesting Chinese instrumental show performed by a local secondary school students. At 7:30 pm guests and winners were invited to enter the event hall and started to enjoy their dinner. One table was arranged for each company of the nominee awards.

The grand hall of the ceremony…


Private territory of Exabytes Network…


The award ceremony was kicked off with a welcome dance. Everyone indeed was well-entertained with the glamorous performance by the dancers.

Fabulous dance which looks like Brazil carnival…


After that, the ceremony continued by the opening speech by Mr.Leon Lee, the organising chairman of the 1st Top 50 Enterprise Awards and followed by the speech by Dato’ Aric Ng who is the President of PUMM National. This award had honourable moment with the appearance of Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon. He has been invited to this occasion and has given a golden saying to the guests and entrepreneurs in the event.

Speeching moment from YAB…


After the presentation of memento to VIPs and a short performance, it came to the main highlight on the night, the presentation of awards. The 1 st Top Top 50 Enterprise Awards Malaysia 2007 comprise of 3 categories, Honorably Awards, Platinum Awards and Golden Awards. One by one, each nominee stepped onto the stage and was honoured with their great trophies. Everyone was so excited and gave extremely loud applause especially when their company nominee received the award. During the group photo session of the award nominees, company members of some nominees even tried to give support by waiving their hands to signal their happiness and congratulation to the nominees on the stage. Of course, the ebullient Exabytes members definitely did that as well. Haha.

Can’t wait to jump onto the stage…


The glorious moment…




The heat of the ceremony did not cool down after the awards presentation. Besides served with delicious cate, guests continued to be entertained with fabulous singing and dancing performance. At 10:30 pm, the decent event finally came to its end with the group photography session with TEAM committee.

Stunning performance from the youngest violinist who mark her name in Malaysia Book of Record.


We would like to express our deep appreciation to all our Exabytes employees, business partners and also valued customers. Without your great effort and support, Exabytes would not win this prestigious award. This award does not prove the achievement of Exabytes only, but it belongs to all our beloved partners and customers as well. Thank you!



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