We’ve made it in the States. We’ve excelled in Malaysia. And history will repeat itself as we make our way to be the best webhosting provider ever in Singapore!

Brace yourself, as we will be giving away mindless sales and discounts for all you Singaporeans out there! Let’s start by giving away absolutely FREE EBiz Plus Linux hosting plan just by signing up to any of .sg domain names! That’s right! Register a domain name, and get a hosting plan for FREE!

It’s cheap, it’s affordable. It’s time for you to get a domain name!
how domain name helps you :

  • Makes it easier for people to find your website
  • ( is easier to remember than
  • Gives you professional image
  • Helps in your website SEO
  • Own this domain name for years to come

This promotion is available for the first 100 early birds only, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity while promotion lasts!

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