How can you acquire valuable names in the domain aftermarket?

There are several ways around you which connect to the domain aftermarket where you can buy already-taken domains. It includes those domain names which are currently in somebody else’s use or are actively available for sale on online marketplaces like GoDaddy Auctions, Flippa, Sedo, Afternic,…and many more.

How can you acquire valuable names in the domain aftermarket?

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It is quite possible that you are searching for an ideal web address for your business and your desired domain name is already registered. Or, you have made up your mind to keep yourself engaged in the purchasing and selling of domain names to create your investment portfolio. In both cases, you are destined for the domain aftermarket.

The innumerable procedures, several online marketplaces, and infinite numbers of domains available in the aftermarket make the selection of the ideal approach for finding valuable names a bit difficult.

Below are some tips to search for the valuable domain names in the aftermarket

1. Obtain a specific domain

Once you target a domain name, you are halfway through. Then, you need to find out the owner of the domain, the best way to connect with them. And how much amount to offer for that domain name.

  • Make a start with the WHOIS database which contains a collection of domain names registered in the world. Possibly, you’ll get an email address of the present registrant of your chosen domain.
  • To determine the amount to offer, take a look at this article about how domain names are valued and the Estibot website with domain valuation masters.
  • Don’t have enough time to handle all this? Connect with some domain buy service professionals like Flippa, Sedo,…

2. Create your domain name investment portfolio

When you are making progress in the creation of your domain investment portfolio, start by focusing on the domain names you know which are worthy.

On identifying your field and the related keywords, move towards the domain marketplace such as Flippa, Sedo, Namecheap Market, or GoDaddy Auctions. You need to sign in with your account and click on Advanced Search. Filter your search by age, top-level domain, price, and keyword.

Take notice of the following factors when checking the search results:

Top-Level Domain (TLD): In the domain aftermarket, some of the TLDs are sold more than others. Like, it’s mostly easier to sell a .com than other alternate TLDs including .biz, .net, or .info.

Domain age:  As a general rule, it’s better to have an older domain name for your business because it has been out of the market for a long time. Even though you have plenty of great options for domain names now, most of the best names have already been acquired by others. So, searching domain name by the age helps greatly in narrowing it down.

Price range: It is totally up to your budget. When you have a specified amount of money to spend on a domain, then there is no use of wasting time searching for the domain names above your budget.

Purchasing format: Following are the significant types of auctions, each having distinct rules that should be understood when you are browsing through the aftermarket:

  • Timed Auction: Collection of domains is selected for sale with a specified period of time for the auction. When the auction ends, the person with the highest bid becomes the winner.
  • Buy-It-Now Prices Auction: If you intend to buy a domain name, you have to pay the “Buy Now” price for it.
  • Offer/Counter Offer Auction Listings: This kind of auction requires negotiation between the buyer and seller to win. To engage the potential buyer, the seller lists the name for sale with the least offer. After the initial offer is made by the buyer, the seller can accept, decline, or make the counteroffer. Then, the buyer can accept, decline, or make the counteroffer to the seller. This whole process continues until the buyer and seller come to a certain price on which they both agree.

3. Put yourself in the purchaser’s place

Once you look for the strong domain names in the result, you got to think like a purchaser. You need to think that would you purchase a particular domain name if you were a part of their business. How much is it going to be harder to explain the domain name to make sense to the purchaser?

Form a picture of meeting a photographer and saying that I have got a wonderful domain for you, which will help your site boost the traffic. Here, the .biz is a domain extension and, it is just like the .com. And, the spellings used here for cheese are “cheez”.

It will be harder to sell the domain name if it requires more explanation.

When you waddle through the domain aftermarket, you’ll come across strange domain names in every top-level domain. Many times, the keyword like “cheez” is used as a domain for a business. Now, the main thing is to carefully consider the discussions you are going to have with the purchasers. And if you think it might be difficult, then you should move on to the next targeted domain name.

4. Additional check

When you have gathered a collection of desired and valuable domain names for the investment, you should take further steps to remove the least suitable names.

4.1. Purchase the known domain name: If you have an expertise in a certain niche or subject and finds a domain name related to your business service, then it’s possibly a good option for purchasing.

4.2. Make use of In several instances, displays the most demanded domain names over the years. There is a possibility to show less demand for a particular domain name if the website associated with it was made available for sale continuously.

4.3. Make use of You need to check for the domain name that what other TLDs are registered. It’s probably not a good indication that you are purchasing a .com domain and no other TLDs are registered. It’s quite disturbing if you are about to purchase the .de domain and find out that the other TLDs including .com, .net, .org and .info are in the use of the domain investors. It signifies that such domain names have less demand in the end users and several other great options are available.

4.4. Shape up past sales with TLD and keywords: With the websites and, you should check the past sales price range for your selected keyword to make sure that the mentioned purchase price is justifiable.

5. Conclusion

Although not every rule is correct or unchanging, it is better to make use of the safest and conventional way. Before you follow your instincts and lose all the money you have, it is better to understand what kind of domain name should be acquired.

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