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EasyWork recently has an impressive new case study. Great collaboration with EasyWork, the Annual Dinner of Exabytes Group was a great success!

With the upgraded features of EasyWork, the annual event went smoothly and successfully housed about few hundreds of attendees. How did that happen?


Amazing Upgraded Features

The features used to organize this big event include: Office Announcement, Event attendance, Office Calendar, Poll, Reward system. 


No. Features How it helped us to organize SMARTLY
1 Office Announcement Make in-house notifications. Everything is well recorded for future reference.
2 Office Calendar Make internal company event booking. Everyone are aware of all the company events (small or big) all year long.  
3 Reward System Make redemption of special tickets for special lucky draw.


easywork attendance

At the Event

No. Features How it helped us to organize SMARTLY
1 EasyWork Attendance 100% high tech & paperless. Clock in & out of event on mobile phones.
2 EasyWork QR Code Tracking System
  1. This completely replaces attendance records using signatures.
  2. Everyone can check in rapidly with just a scan of QR code.
  3. All attendance are collected neatly and systematically (in report format).   
3 EasyWork Poll 100% vote the one you like, fast and easy.


easywork reward system

For every competition at the event (Best Costume, Best Performance, etc.), votes were gathered using EasyWork Poll feature; employees cast their votes to choose their favourite costume/performer on their mobile phone. Voting was LIVE and the process was completed the fastest way possible. A simple competition became sooo exciting!   


Check out the below screenshot.

easywork poll

Besides, we made the lucky draw more fun using EasyReward special redemption. Employees can use their points to redeem special lucky draw prizes. Those who have special tickets will have another chance to win the lucky draw. Some of them won a Sony TV and Huawei Mate 20 Mobile phone.

easywork reward system

So this is how special EasyWork is! It’s Not only a Company & HR System mobile app. Instead, it is a powerful app that works for things outside of office, as long as they’re related to the Company.

In fact, the full features of EasyWork can enhance daily work progress and make company become a lot more productive.



EasyWork is supported by a strong team, that has 19 years of experience in online business and online entrepreneurship. EasyWork understand the needs of SME, office system and productivity system like the back of our hand.

The ultimate goal of EasyWork is to help companies to SAVE COST and become more progressive and productive. Additionally, EasyWork has grown leaps and bounds since 2018, and it’s now used by users all over the world.

In 2019, we aim to provide the greatest convenience and maximum cost saving to companies.

EasyWork can only maximize the benefits when you start to invite your colleagues to join you. Trust us, your colleagues will thank you for making their work and lives easier!


To know further information about EasyWork and you may visit & download through this link.

Free for download & Free for use.


iOS Download Here: goo.gl/YWeMQh
Android Download Here: goo.gl/rX18Ns

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