Eh! It’s 2010! Oh how time flies so fast, and now it’s Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010! Oh yes, time to shout out loud and make a new beginning! And a new beginning it is! Let us kick start this prosperous year by introducing our brand new EOTM for January 2010 – Mr HP Beng!

That’s right, HP Being has shown such remarkable dedication and commitment in his profession, it is very rare to find him disappointing the customers. So what are the traits he has, making him the best yet among the rest? Let’s check it out!

HP Beng is :

  • Responsible and able to complete tasks assigned to him on a timely manner
  • Always willing to give his colleagues a helping hand
  • Willing to work additional hours
  • Friendly and cheerful
  • Hardworking and full of initiatives

So that’s what it takes to become a hero for this month! Okay, personality traits revealed, let’s see how this handsome lad look like! Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for your reigning king of this month, Mr HP Beng, Exabytes System Engineer Level 3!


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14 years ago

Oh, HP Beng is the kind one who always replies to my questions. 🙂