Ten Exabees were thrilled to be selected as the participants of “GoMeasure with Google Analytics” seminar which was held at Hotel Hilton in KL a few weeks ago on 8 September. This important event was also the LAST in a series of seminars in 2011 which had taken place in some major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore.

Exabees departed from Exabytes HQ in Penang at 9.00am and reached Hilton Hotel, KL at 1.00pm sharp. It took us 4 hours to reach our destination but still, we were highly energetic as we were still feeling the thrill and honor to be selected to attend this grand scale and important seminar!

When we reached the venue, we could see the registration hall was already packed with representatives from various private SEO companies, local communication companies such as Axiata and Celcom as well as some famous bloggers. The influential Google had attracted more than 500 participants and the seminar was practically full house! 

Numerous subjects were presented by various Google experts such as Google Analytics Measurement and Attribution, Google Analytics 360° Tracking, Google Analytics Goals Setting, Measuring the Mobile Visitors and the new trend of searching behavior. Presentations were carried out by Google experts with the aid of customized presentation slides based on local case studies and statistics. This made the entire seminar extremely easy to understand and exceptionally practical. Guess what, the presentation slides and photos are all available on GoMeasure official website!

Apart from this, the event was also for networking. The very friendly Google representatives went to the floor to chat with the attendees during break time and before the event started.

The seminar ended at about 5.00pm after the much awaited Q&A session. Participants were then split into 2 groups for training and consultation clinic by Google experts as well as clickTRUE and Happy Marketer.

Google is the most popular web search engine with various products available which

aim to help users to gain more insight into their web traffic and better target their web visitors. “Google is very good in providing the free services to the community such as Google Analytics and the free analytics software for you to analyze your websites”, quoted GoMeasure.

We, the selected 10 exabees went back full-handed with deeper knowledge in Google Analytics’ G Marketing South, GoMeasure.


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