We know that your heart is hammering like crazy at the sight of the blog title now, but here comes the moment of truth. Can you handle the truth?

No more sleepless nights. No more dilly-dally. Today, right here, you will be introduced to the winner of this Exabytes I Want A MacBook Air contest!

Thank you for the valuable and constructive reviews given in making our new website a professional and a better site for everyone’s surfing experience. We do appreciate all the hard effort put in, and whether or not you win the sleek MacBook Air, be rest assured that all your reviews and suggestions sent in have been taken into account accordingly.

Without further ado, let us announce the lucky winner of this Exabytes I Want A MacBook Air contest! After much thought and careful deliberation, the owner of the sleek and sexy MacBook Air goes to…


MacBook Air


Noor Azlin Shah Nawawe from www.emenang.com! Yay! Congratulations!

Okay, Noor Azlin Shah Nawawe. You can stop staring at the screen now. Yes, it’s you. You may jump up and down like crazy now. Hehe. And yes, you will be contacted soon for the details to redeem your prize, and we hope that you will have a fabulous time surfing on Exabytes’s new website with your sleek new MacBook Air!

Once again, congratulations to the winner and as for the rest, many thanks for participating! There will be even greater contest like this in the future, so there is no need to fret, just make sure you keep up with us okay! We look forward to your continued support from now, and the years to come, and until then, take care! 😉

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