We’re back and we’re just as excited to announce our next EOTM for the year 2009! So here comes another deserving star, and this month, we’ve decided to award our prestigious Employee of the Month to… the Mars’ resident still! 😀

Now, let’s get up close (but not too close!) and personal with this month’s EOTM, shall we? Now, despite being known as the “shy lad” in the office (aww), this chap has shown such remarkable dedication and commitment in his profession, it is very rare to find him disappointing neither the customers, nor us! In fact, he is that committed in executing his tasks, he was said to have even spent some nights in the Data Center just to troubleshoot and monitor some servers with issues! Hmm. Wonder how it’s like to spend the nights in the freezing cold Data Center eh? :S He is also very competent at what he does that his eyes are said to be transfixed at the monitor screen 24/7 to scan for any server with issues, while his ears are sensitive to any bleeping sounds from the bleeper for any signs of possible server failure! Needless to say, our servers are safe and secured under the watchful eyes of this lad, which is why he is regarded as our guardian, friend and protector. 🙂 Therefore let’ give it up for our reigning king of this month ladies and gentlemen – Mr Khuzaini (aka Mr Jai), Exabytes Server Aid Savior!

So what are the traits he has, making him the best yet among the rest? Let’s check it out!

  • Manage to do follow-up consistently and efficiently.
  • Hardworking and full of initiatives.
  • Is very supportive towards all company’s events.
  • Ever willing to be on standby and go to data center whenever there is any down time, even at odd hours or during holidays.
  • Always willing to take advice and learn continuously.
  • Is a very good team player, all in all.

So that’s what it takes to become a hero for this month! Okay, personality traits revealed, it’s now time to reveal this incredible chap! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give it up for your reigning king of this month, Mr Khuzaini, Exabytes Server Aid Savior!


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