Our mama used to go hysterical at the sight of us and SEGA (and PlayStation too) being romantically in love all day all night. She used to shout at us : “Go study! That video game ain’t gonna help you make money!” But little did she know that at Exabytes, we actually get RM500 worth of prizes just by being good at playing it! Haha! 😛

Recently, Exabytes just threw our first ever Wii Championship to determine the team with the best exergaming (exercise+gaming) skills in the office! It kick-started in middle of March and ended early May. Organized by our four hardworking event planners – Ku, Keat, Roger, and Guan – it was one of the most exciting activities we have ever done so far – and healthy too as the games played required us to be physically active!

All that we had to do, was to form up a team (there were 8 teams altogether) and compete with each other – league style. The aim for each team was to collect and accumulate as many points possible for each game played in Wii Sports and Wii Play. The team with the most accumulated points wins the championship! As easy as that! Now let’s have a peek of us in action!






Looks like fun, huh? It sure was! But as usual, all fun things come to an end. Awww. And the Championship was officially ended with a memorable closing ceremony. What made it even more memorable was the fact that our lunch on that day was fully sponsored by two of our colleagues, Annie & Roger, in conjunction of them being promoted as our new Assistant Managers in their own department respectively. Woohoo! 😀 Oh and, the free lunch was also prearranged to welcome our new members in the family. 🙂





Anyway, without further ado, let us introduce you to the three champions!

The 2nd runner-up went to. . . the sk2Sparrow team!



The 1st runner-up (which also won the Best Mii Award) went to. . . the vBaby team!



And the champion for Exabytes First Wii Championship, went to. . . the 8rbieDoll team!



Wondering what the prizes are?


Haha. No, they’re nothing what you have in mind! Believe it or not, we soon found out that the size of the boxes and wrappers deceived us! Cheh. All winners actually won Jusco and KFC vouchers worth of RM500 altogether – definitely not a box of Chivas! Haha. Some cheeky OCs we have this time around, eh? Hehe.

Anyways. Congratulations to all winners, and as for the rest, many thanks for participating! Oh and before we close the curtains, we would also like to thank the OCs – Ku, Keat, Roger, and Guan – for making this event a successful one!


Until another fun updates from us again, ciao for now! 😉

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14 years ago

Nice game, we enjoy it so much.
our fun room is having high traffic before 8am, around lunch time and after 5pm during along the match date.