During the very first month of year 2012, a super-duper fast learner and exceptionally confident person who hadn’t even passed her probationary period had successfully earned the trust of our ever critical judges of EOTM and grabbed the honor Employee of the Month.

Also a very hardworking person, she joined Exabytes in January 2012 and before her on-the-job training was even completed, she was already picking up customer phone calls and guiding them on matters regarding billing and payments. Taking the initiative to help others at work whenever she could, we at customer service department had never spotted any fear in her in handling customer complaints.

Without further ado, let’s put our hands together for Billing Analyst, Ms Chai Xin Ming! Apart from being a fast learner, Xin Ming had demonstrated great initiative to acquire new skills and knowledge during her job training. In January, she was officially crowned Exabytes’ EOTM mainy because of the following:

  • demonstrating confidence and courage to handle incoming customer calls even before job training was completed.
  • handling tickets regarding payment issues very well.
  • was a fast and eager learner.
  • was self-motivated to give guidance and assistance to clients.

Congratulations Xin Ming! Indeed, you have proven to us that being a newbie is no obstacle to become an EOTM.

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