“The discussion is what happens when bloggers, especially millions of them, blogs.”


Learn the trick & outrun your competitor! Grab the opportunity to grasp the new concepts of Social Media and the Web 2.0 landscape that that will educate you on social media strategies for marketing and business development that is changing the Internet and marketing trend using Engagement Marketing, for your business advancement!

Who Should Attend?

  • Advertisers
  • Advertiser Brand and Product Managers
  • Agency Creative and Media Directors
  • Agency Media Buyers and Planners
  • Agency Account Service Managers
  • Research and Analytics Professionals
  • Online and offline Publisher Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Other Business Owners (medium to large scale)


  • Market online to a more targeted and ready buyers.
  • Faster traffic and visitor generation than Search Engines
  • Generate profits in 48 hours, no less!
  • Outrun your competitor


Vincent Cheng, a prominent business coach in Malaysia uses a combination of presentation lectures and Q&A sessions to discuss attendees’ specific needs and ideas for effective website setup and deployment.

Limited seats available… So, hurry! Secure your seat now!


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