What fell on the last April 22nd, 2008?

Tic toc tic toc.

Tic toc.



Time’s up! Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve probably been aware that last April 22nd was Earth Day! That day dedicated to celebrating and reflecting the beauty, and the fragility of our beautiful planet. It was a time when people around the world held events to honor our home planet and to remind everyone about the importance of our ecosystem. And Exabytes was no exception!

Hence, last Tuesday, in effort to support this special event, all of us from Exabytes have taken the initiative to minimize the power usage by switching off the office lights for one whole hour! And honestly, working in the dark was not all that bad – gave a little “romantic” atmosphere in the office! And thinking about it… maybe we should do it more often! Hehe.

Here are some snapshots taken when the lights went out!

From the customer service department…



To the marketing department…



To the R&D department…



To the technical department…



To the finance department…


To the CEO room!


It was pitch black all around! And Exabytes is so emotionally attached to saving the environment, we even went GREEN (some brown) the whole day!


AND looked.. (ehems) GOOD in it! 😀 Now who says green isn’t the new black? 😉

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16 years ago

Wow… working in the dark…

16 years ago

hehe yeah we did! twas fun tho! u should try it some time! 😉

16 years ago

i’ve already did quite a number of times. But not in the office lah, in my hostel, my room. I couldn’t sleep for the whole night, I ended up staying up working on my design projects. 🙂 I couldn’t switch on the light because my roomate was sleeping. I was in total darkness. The only light I have is from my laptop screen. 🙂

16 years ago

hehe thats great! u’re definitely a hero in the making then! save the environment, save the world! 😉