It’s that time of the year! How about a little gift just to sweeten up your 2018?

All you have to do is make your payment through our Exabytes Mobile App for any single renewal invoice (USD200 & above) and get your free credits! Here’s how it works:


So, wait no more because the clock is ticking! Just follow these steps and you’re in jolly good hands. 🎅🎅🎅

3 simple steps on how to renew your invoice & claim your credits!

Step 1: Download Exabytes Mobile App

If you haven’t already had the app in your mobile device, download from App Store or Google PlayStore here.


Step 2: Login Exabytes App & View ‘My Invoices’

Login to your Exabytes account. Then, select ‘My Invoices’ from the top left menu bar.




Step 3: Pay the unpaid invoice(s)

You will be able to view all your invoice details there. Pay the invoice that you wish to renew (with the amount of USD200 & above in a single invoice) and you’re all set!


It’s that simple! Hurry and download the Exabytes Mobile App to renew your invoice & earn free credits! Promotion ends 31 December 2018.

Terms & Conditions:
  1. This promotion is only applicable for renewal and will end on 31 Dec 2018. Payment must be made via Exabytes Mobile App and received latest by 31 Dec 2018.
  2. Invoice must be a renewal invoice with invoice amount of USD200.00 or above in a single invoice.
  3. The credits will be added into your Billing Account after this promotion ends.
  4. Wish to Renew Domain Name Before Expiry Date? Read here
  5. For enquiries, please contact us [email protected]
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