When it comes to the digital marketing industry, content marketing takes away all the cakes. According to usage statistics, more than 91 percent of B2B entities market their products and services through content marketing. Compared to paid marketing, content provides three times the number of leads per dollar spent on advertising. Unlike any other form of digital online advertising, once you develop your content it stays online, gets shared, or downloaded. If you’re lucky enough or have an amazing content creating a team at your side, your video, image, or text can become viral and go around the world or even turn evergreen and leave you with life-long advertising material.

We mentioned the importance of people who produce the content, their skills and talent are of pivotal value for the success of your campaign. However, if you’re a one-man team or want to give your people the best chance to produce high-quality content, you need the best tools for the job. Here is a list of the best content creation tools so far.

Movable Ink

Data-driven content enables you to use available metrics to create a framework for your content. It means you can use existing audience data like location, age, gender, purchase history, online behavior, interests, and other information to generate content that will provide maximum effectiveness.

Movable Ink is a visual content creation platform that allows you to produce all sorts of personalized visuals that will target each of your email recipients, web site users, or display ads viewers on a personal level. The platform features synchronization ability with multiple data sources like your website, CRM, various APIs, or information placed in a CSV. This way you can create stunning visual content which targets the viewer on a personal level.


What took an entire studio and a team of trained professionals is now just a click away and calls itself Audacity – free audio content production platform. If you’re into podcasts or simply need a place to produce voiceover audio for a presentation, Audacity allows you to record content, convert tapes or records into digital formats, edit the length, insert samples, or use some of the multitudes of audio effects to give your content the vibe your brand deserves.

What’s good about Audacity is that you can use the content you create in any way you see fit like sharing across social media, make it a part of your existing content, stream, or sell audio – no questions asked.


This is an amazing platform that not only allows you to create marketing content, but it also connects you to freelances and agencies that you can manage and make sure you get the results your brand requires. You can set up your campaign calendar and control the workflow of each content development process by looking into current progress, incoming deadlines, or publishing dates.

Furthermore, with ClearVoice freelance content creators can pitch ideas and content proposals, which could reduce your content creation time and costs. Moreover, with this software solution, you can organize your campaign or manage customer personas to tune up your strategy.

Content writing services

Orbit Media conducted a survey, asking more than a thousand bloggers about their content writing experience. The survey showed that most writers produce 1000 words articles to get the best ranking and keep the visitors interested in reading. However, the survey showed it takes more than 3 hours to write an average piece of content, and that’s not the time most business owners could dedicate to writing.

Luckily, there are many writing agencies that you can hire and have your content ready for publishing. These services will follow the guidelines you provide, insert links you request, use the keywords you want or help you with SEO-ing your content for improved performance. Here is the best writing services review list, starting with a website that can help you make an informed decision by reading through expert reviews:
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Audience values the effort to create informative content that provides a practical and meaningful educational experience. SlideShare is LinkedIn’s professional content upload environment where visitors from all over the world share and receive knowledge on various topics. For B2B marketing a place like SlideShare offers a series of possibilities. You could produce slideshows, GIFs, videos, or PDF files and show how your product or service can be used to enhance a business process, cost-effectiveness, or influence the professional skillset of a brand’s workforce.

The benefits of SlideShare go beyond the tools for seamless content creation, according to their website SlideShare welcomes more than 80 million visitors, which is a lot of potential audience. Besides, you can share your content across social media or embed it within your website and increase your traffic potential even further.


Infographics are an excellent medium when it comes to providing comprehensive data in an interesting manner that’s easy to follow and understand because you can use diverse graphics to simplify information delivery. However, building infographics from scratch takes too much time and hiring a professional costs money which you want to save as much as you can, especially if you’re a startup running on a lower budget.

Animaker is a professional infographics creation platform that allows you to generate animated or still infographics using a set of tools and graphic objects, as well as a versatile choice of typesetting to adapt the content to your brand’s visual identity.


We’ve seen a list of content creation tools that include all possible forms of content that you can create for marketing purposes. Your brand, target audience, and market determine the optimal strategy for your campaign which includes the type of content you want to use to reach the audience. This list includes both free and paid tools, however, what connects them is the high quality of their offer. Content is the king, and the king requires only the best, so make your choice accordingly.

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