10 tips on reduce shopping cart abandonment

There are a variety of reasons for shopping cart abandonment. If you are just waiting for that first sale and someone abandons the cart, it can be an awful feeling. The customer came so close but didn’t take that final step.

Sometimes it is for as simple a reason is that the person got distracted by a crying child or was put off by having to create an account before checkout. 

It is often a victory in itself to get shoppers interested enough in your products to add them to a cart. All you need to do is to address issues that prevent them from following through. Here are ten simple ways to do this. 

1. Streamline your checkout process

You need to put yourself in the shoes of your customer to assess your checkout process. Would you find it easy? How much information do customers have to fill-in? Do they have to create an account at checkout? Do they have to click through to different pages to complete their purchase?

If so, you need to eliminate what’s unnecessary and streamline your process. Redesigning your e-commerce website may be necessary at this crucial junction.

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2. Offer guest checkout

One of the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment, according to a Baymard Institute survey, was that the site wanted the user to create an account. This is inconvenient for them and slows down the shopping process.

The best option is to remove the sign-in barrier and enable guest checkout. You can always ask a customer to sign up for an account after they’ve made a purchase.  

3. Provide various payment methods

When you’re dealing with customers worldwide, you must offer various payment methods. It is very frustrating for a customer who wants to make a purchase and can’t do so because you don’t offer the required payment gateway.

Including the basic cards, such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard, etc. as well as PayPal, is a safe bet. If you need to collect weekly, monthly, or annual payments, it helps to have a recurring payment plugin

4. Eliminate cost surprises

Customers may take their business elsewhere if you don’t offer free shipping or shipping costs are too high. Be clear about shipping costs and other fees before checkout. Customers just love free shipping and it may make them choose you over a competitor if you offer this”, says Melany Grey, the business analyst from essay services review and paper writing service.

If there is a handling fee or a fee for customizing a product, make it clear on the product page. If shipping costs are variable, you can add a button to product pages to calculate estimated shipping costs. If you use Shopify, for example, you can use a theme with a built-in shipping rate calculator.  

5. Answer questions fast

Everyone who has questions about products should be able to get the information they require as quickly as possible. Speedy, straightforward responses help to build trust and increase conversion rates. 

LiveChat makes it easy to add a chat to a WordPress shop. If you don’t offer live chat, make sure that customers can get in touch with you easily if they have questions. 

Having a good FAQ page also helps. Think about using writing services, such as grade miners and other research papers high school to help you come up with the best FAQ page or helpful e-books that customers can download and refer to.

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6. Provide an exit offer

An exit offer gives you another opportunity to convert a customer. You can customize your offer to apply to items in customers’ carts, or provide information based on the pages they look at. Installing exit-intent popups on checkout pages gives you this opportunity.

They detect when a visitor is about to leave, and a popup message appears that either offers a deal or further relevant information that could encourage visitors to stay on the site. 

7. Save the cart

Online shoppers are comparison shoppers who will research competitors. They often open and close windows, move between sites and this may happen for a while before they make a final decision.

It is crucial to save a shopping cart with items added where customers haven’t checked out yet. There are many different cart saving tools available, depending on the shopping cart provider you use. Here are some cart saver tools.

8. Increase perception of security

Checkout Usability survey by Baymard Institute shows that 18% of users abandon a cart because they don’t trust the site with their credit card information.

Users often have little technical understanding and rather go by a perceived sense of security. They often go by brand recognition and visual cues. Even the smallest layout quirks in the checkout process can cause visitors to doubt site security.  

The survey revealed that encapsulating credit card fields with a solid background color, using site seals, like the SSL seal from Norton, and other visual reinforcements all enhance perceived security. 

9. Use scarcity marketing   

Scarcity marketing is a psychological tactic that gives customers more incentive to buy. If they can see that only a few units of a certain item are left, it makes them want to buy one before its too late.

Using a countdown clock works when you run flash sales or special deals. If customers see that they only have a short time to get a special deal, they’re likely to react more quickly.  

10. Add social proof

When customers are on the fence about making a purchase, social proof can help to alleviate their concerns. Get some Instagram influencers on board to promote your products.

Follow up with customers and request them to provide product reviews that you feature on your product pages. Adding an application like Notify to your store shows your customers who else is buying your products. 


As you can see, there are many simple, easy ways to make sure shopping carts aren’t abandoned, from improving your checkout process to offering the right payment options. Applying all of the above tips will help to make sure that your customers follow through with checkout and your conversion rates improve. 


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