WordPress has emerged as the world’s most popular web development platform simply because it is very easy to work with and offers users all the functionalities they want in a very robust and scalable framework. It also offers unparalleled features and functionalities that make it very easy for even relatively inexperienced web developers to build fully-functional websites, including e-commerce platforms for online businesses. As may be expected, WordPress has made itself compatible with the new generation of social media networks that are hugely popular with users all over the world and offer brands exciting opportunities to extend their reach and engage potential customers. Web developers have the choice of literally thousands of Instagram plugins for displaying the Instagram feed from one or more designated accounts.

The Benefits of Displaying Instagram Feed on Your WordPress Website 

There is a wealth of content on Instagram accounts that can be of immense benefit to the visitors, which is why embedding the feed from Instagram accounts can be very effective for digital marketers. Some of the most important benefits accruing out of the display of Instagram feed on WordPress websites are:

  • Boost in brand awareness and reach: Visitors to your website can see what is happening on your Instagram account from within the site itself and have the opportunity of becoming your followers, which will significantly increase the reach of the brand and boost its awareness.
  • Enhance the vibrancy of the website: Your website will be a far more interesting destination for visitors as they can keep on following your content on Instagram while browsing your site. The increase in the level of vibrancy results in the increase of dwell time that can help boost conversions.
  • Help build social proof with user-generated content: Every marketer values user-generated content because of its stamp of authenticity regarding opinions expressed on the brand experience. Displaying Instagram feed on the website helps to communicate the same authenticity to website visitors and increases the brand authority and credibility. According to Entrepreneur.com, positive reviews by users can significantly improve conversion rates on the website.
  • Boosts user engagement: Visitors who see the Instagram feed on the website are more inclined to interact with the posts as well as spend more time on the website exploring it. When visitors find the content they like, they are also more inclined to share it with other users and in the process help the brand to increase its reach. Of course, if you want to speed up this process, you can always buy Instagram followers and likes from social media marketing agencies specializing in this activity.

Top WordPress Instagram Plugins You Should Consider  


InstaLink is a premium WordPress plug-in that web marketers should consider even ahead of the free alternatives simply because of its value-added features. It has a responsive design that makes it ideal for visitors to view the feed on smartphones and has a very clean interface. The setup process is very easy and the installation can be done even by laypeople. The plug-in provides multiple language options so you can offer the feed in several languages for a more customer-friendly approach. Priced at $14, it is quite affordable by all digital marketers.

Instagram Feed 

Instagram Feed is a plug-in which is very highly recommended by its users. While you can get by very easily with the free version, choosing the premium version ($39) lets you access several high-end features. You have the option of being able to display multiple feeds from different Instagram accounts on either the same page or across different sections of the website. Users love it for its responsive design, simple installation process, the very useful Load More button that facilitates loading of additional content from an Instagram account, the capability of changing the sizes of the photos, and adding a nice header on the top of the feeds.

Instagram Journal 

Considered to be among the most versatile and powerful Instagram plugins for WordPress websites, Instagram Journal easily finds a mention on any list of best Instagram plugins. Users love it for its simple and elegant design, the option to select from a large number of color schemes, galleries that score very high on professional looks, over one hundred customizable options along with a memorable message display option. Instagram Journal offers users a very robust experience for displaying your Instagram posts on your website. You have the option to also display photos from other accounts, including the ones you had liked. At $19, it offers very good value for money.


With a very large population of users hooked onto social media, especially Instagram that boasts of more than one billion monthly active users, displaying social media content on your website is a very effective method of making your website a more attractive destination for visitors. Regardless of the objectives, you may have set, WordPress Instagram plugins are the perfect method for displaying interactive content without getting involved in the hassle of advanced programming.