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Since the day we were born, Mother Earth has been providing us with shelter and food for our survival. She never once complaint, nor she ever stopped giving. But like a beautiful rose in a pot, if not being nurtured and taken care of everyday, it will soon lose its beauty, and lay withered in the pot.

The same goes to Earth. Although strong and sturdy on the outside, she is also very fragile on the inside. Constant exploitation will cause significant changes in the Earth’s ecosystems which in the end, result to the extinction of the livings in this world. Over the years, many mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes, insects and plants have become extinct. Quite a few are on the endangered list now. Could there ever come a time when Earth becomes extinct?

Hence, in conjunction to the Earth Day celebration, let us ALL be heroes today, and save the world from extinction! Don’t know how? Exabytes has just the great 10 powerful tips for you, to make this IT-world, a healthier world to live in!

save Go Webhosting!
Behold the power of a website! The information in a website can be easily edited or deleted without wasting any papers. Massive data can also be stored in a database on a server without requiring lots of papers, files or even cabinets!
online click Forget solid premises!
Start building paperless business concept by hosting them on the Internet. No more messy utility & credit bills, bank & investment statements or cheques, as they can all be viewed and paid online! Invoices can also be filed, prepared and sent via email or electronic fax. Life just cannot get any easier than this, can they?
email box Papers & envelopes? So yesterday!
Start using email as it is more secured and convenient. It reaches the recipient faster than snail-mails too!
web cam No more in-person meetings!
Start using video conferencing/voice over the Internet as it can be done online. This helps eliminating traveling costs, at the same, save fuel!
save Set power-plan!
Optimize the workstation/laptop’s power usage by turning off the display or by putting it to a sleep mode whenever it is unused.
check Double, triple check yet?
Make sure that all works are proofread and spell checked before they are printed out/copied to avoid paper wastage. Do ensure that all works are printed on both sides of the paper, whenever possible.
order Online made easy!
Be a smart consumer and start purchasing online today as many products are now available for online-ordering, even groceries! Music can also be bought online through iTunes, instead of the music store! What better way to save more nature resources and travelling costs?
energy star logo Reach for the stars!
Shop wisely and consider looking for products with ENERGY STAR label the next time a product from home/office needs to be replaced. Energy Star is the US government-backed program to help protect the environment through energy-efficient products uses & practices.
click to donate Click and donate!
Did you know? Each click on an advertisement banner helps donate a few cents to some environmental protection organizations. In most cases, the donation generated by each user only amounts to a few cents, but the goal is to accumulate enough clicks to add up to a significant amount. Be a courteous citizen and start donating online today!
earth icon Healthy environment, healthy people!
No posters, no flyers, no leaflets, just Internet! Practice using the Internet today to help increase the environmental awareness and do it the paperless-way!

With the 10 powerful tips revealed, what are you waiting for? Go be a hero and save the world today! 😉

Oh but before you do, you may want to kick start your mission by downloading our Earth Day WordPress themes that we specially designed just for you!

Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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