In conjunction with 2010, an event festival in town which previously had attracted the attention of hundreds of bloggers and some serious industry players, InstantIT.Asia, the latest brain child of Exabytes Network Private Limited who specialized in web hosting and IT hosting since the year 2001 has come out with a very special T-shirt with an extremely striking design which will catch your attention INSTANTLY!!

InstantIT.Asia is extremely honoured to be the sponsor for this momentous event, as we perceive 2nd is a very significant occasion which can benefit every single blogger tremendously.

Check out the bold and aesthetic design of the T-shirts sponsored by InstantIT.Asia: t-shirt and t-shirt t-shirt at Exabytes network office

What is BlogFest?

An idea hub, community exchange point, and action camp for bloggers in Asia to make a technological and social impact for the benefit of the region, 2010 is not an event to be missed!!! Buckle up on this coming 1st, 2nd, 3rd Oct 2010, and see you soon in one of the top tourism spots in south-east Asia – Unesco Heritage Site, Georgetown, Penang.

For more info about blogfest, please visit

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13 years ago

Nice t-shirt. Can I have a few? 🙂