It’s the Annual Exabytes Sports Tournament! This August on 7th, we gathered all the staff especially the sports enthusiasts from Exabytes at this beautiful beach called Ruang Beach, to showcase our ‘athletic’ bodies and skills, enhance the spirit of our sportsmanship, and most importantly, foster the relationships and teamwork among Exabees ExaBee. Simply put, we were there to have a lot of fun!

While each of us attended the event in the most jovial and excited mood, our 2010 Annual Sports Day didn’t start and appear convincing at all. It was a rainy morning and dark clouds were seen all over the sky. But just as we thought that the event was going to flop, the rain stopped and it turned out to be a pretty fine day! 🙂

Seeing this, a lot of us hurriedly unpacked all the stuff we had in our bags, and set up everything which was needed on this ‘half’ fine day! Besides the food for BBQ, the most important thing was the gigantic rope which we would use in our TUG-OF-WAR!!


With more than 30 participants including the organizers, we were all too excited to play the 3 dirty and exciting games we used to play in high school – three-legged race, tug-of-war and volleyball. And when the clocked struck 3.30pm, it was all rock and roll….!

Our sport day kicked off with one of the favorites in most primary and high schools – Three-Legged Race, as planned by the OC.

Three-Legged Race
Tying up together – I will not proceed without you
Three-Legged Race
Yazid, Kuan and TS Ooi in a team
Three-Legged Race
Team B Vs team C

Many of us started off by being a bit slow, but after some warming up and familiarization, we were so surprised to see that some of the ‘Three Musketeers’ tied together could even sprint! Man! They must have recalled the way to win Three-Legged Race back on their primary school sports days.

To the dismay of teams A, C and D, team B upset the rest and emerged as the winner of this game!!

In the journey to reclaim their pride, tug-of-war was played not too long after the three-legged race. This time, Gaveen of team B had no intention to give it up that easily anymore! Swearing to himself that he must win for his team in this game, he pulled, pulled and pulled like no tomorrow!!! Check out the face he made when he pulled!

Gaveen the 'mighty puller'

But sadly, Gaveen didn’t make it….. 🙁  Team A which consisted of our self-claimed hunky guy Roger Lew and our CEO MR Chan among the rest proved themselves to be the most powerful persons!

After that, it’s all fun and breezy. Volleyball by the beach, this time however, our spirit was not as strong as it used to. Distracted by the beautiful view of the sea and the fact that BBQ time was approaching, our concentration started to wander. But still, all of us put on a tough fight but eventually, we had to hand over the champion title to team D.

Beach Volleyball
Beach Volleyball

After all the sweats and exciting moments, it’s time for us to chow down on some delicious looking honey-coated chicken wings and sausages – the long waited BBQ session!

BBQ Dinner
BBQ Dinner 1
BBQ Dinner
BBQ Dinner 2

Savoring our favorite food by the beach while chatting with good friends cum colleagues, I guess there is no other better way to wrap up our 2010 Annual Sports Day. But wait! What about the ultimate winner? We already had the winners for three-legged race, tug-of-war and volleyball, but what about the overall winner of this sports day?

After some point calculation and performance assessment by the OC, we are proud to announce our ultimate winner of this sports day – AND IT GOES TO…….. Team A!!!

Exabytes Sports Tournament 2010
The Ultimate Champion of our Sports Day – Team A

And the first runner-up is….. Team D

Exabytes Sports Tournament 2010
The First Runner-up – Team D

And the second runner-up is….. Team B

Exabytes Sports Tournament 2010
The Second Runner-up – Team B

Congratulations to all the winning teams!!

Lastly, we would also like to extend our gratitude to the Organizing Committee – David Ch’ng (advisor), EK Lim, KC Yeap and JY Teh for the sweats and all the hard work! Thank you very much and all we want to say is that we really had a wonderful time!

Ops. I guess I have miss out to share some picture of the location of our Sports Tournament. Yoh, look down and you will see them.

Penang Water Sport Recreation Centre
Penang Water Sport Recreation Centre 1
Penang Water Sport Recreation Centre
Penang Water Sport Recreation Centre 2
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