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Using Links

Don’t use “Click here” . You should keep your links in an informative tone instead of just click here. Having a click here will straight give an impression for readers like me to exit and click back and never visit your site. Avoid verbs phrases. Your hyperlink is best to have a noun such as “More Information”


Keep It Personalized

When you want your readers to read your content, try to create a persona and at least put a name so that when your readers read the information, it portrays like a person is giving the information instead of a robot giving the information.


Include A Contact Us Detail

Being a writer, it’s definitely a must to include a contact detail either email or a contact form. This can give you an idea what your readers are looking for. From there, you can get a positive or negative feedback. Please be rest assured than when you receive criticism, it’s actually an opportunity for you to correct your mistake.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day.

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