Christmas is just around the corner, and soon a brand new year will fall upon us, and then not long after, CNY will make its appearance yet again! So many festivities, so much fun! But what does this mean? That’s right, it’s SHOPPING TIME – time to shop shop shop till you drop and sell sell sell till you swell!

Yes, let’s get your business to go online NOW and start selling anything and everything online NOW in order for your business to go far! Why limit your business to a small geographical area when it has so much potential to go far, and reach even more audience – globally and locally?

There are SO many advantages by having your business to go online. Everything good is online. Why? Because..

You need to open Microsoft Office to prepare a document. You need to send a copy to everyone in order for them to view it. But if one person opens and edit them, others will not be aware of the changes unless the latest copy is sent to them. We have online document sharing ( You and your team members can now add, edit, and exchange content anytime and the content will update automatically for all of you.
We used to send letters via airmail last time which takes days to reach the recipient. We have Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and Smartermail to name a few that will reach the recipient in a blink of an eye!
We needed to queue in the bank in order to transfer funds. Transfer funds can be done online with just a few mouse clicks!
We needed an encyclopedia, read newspaper, or read books to search for information we wanted We can get every single information online via search engine.
We used to walk or drive for miles and miles just to get that something we desire. There’s eBay that sells almost everything; from something tiny as a screw to something big as a bungalow

Now tell us something that you can’t find or do online?

Oh btw did you know? There are 1,668,870,408 Internet users in the world = 24.7% of world population (Source: So many people are realizing the importance of going online so you need to have an online presence in order to be the PIONEER in your business industry now!

Therefore, this festive season, enjoy a one-time 25% discounts when you sign up to all our EBiz plans! That’s not all. Sign up now and enjoy the mystery gift that will come along once you sign up to this plan! Whether you want to use it as a Christmas gift to your loved ones, a special gift for your friend to kick start a business online, or simply for your own use to set up anything online, it is totally up to you. So what are you waiting for? The internet world has endless possibilities. Get yourself one step ahead from your competitors and get your business online NOW!

And don’t forget! Celebrate the true spirit of Christmas this festive season and reach out to all of your Christians friends and families around the world and brighten up their day with Exabytes colorful e-Cards! It’s completely FREE so send one now!

Merry Christmas, everybody! πŸ˜‰

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