8th April 2010, 7pm. The breeze was cold and the sun had set, 43 Exabees (Exabtyes’ emplyees aka the big family of Exabytes) with empty stomach, some insisting on wearing their very loose pants, were heading to the palace of food, Spice Market Cafe in Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Batu Ferringhi.

Sorry if all these sound a bit exaggerating, but we certainly were excited to satisfy our palate and hunger with more than a hundred varieties of foods served at the International Buffet of Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa.

In fact, besides being a food escapade for many of us, this buffet dining among Exabees is a celebration of the completion of server migration from TMNet Data Center and AIMS Data Center in Cyberjaya to AIMS Data Center KL. Moreover, it is also to reward the great effort put in by all staff members especially the technical staff who had to endure many sleepless nights in KL.

Indeed, this round of server migration was relatively a long process which stretched over 4 months (started December 2009 and completed in March 2010). The server migration process wouldn’t have been a success if it had not been for the good team work of Exabees who worked hand-in-hand to provide support directly or indirectly to our valued customers before and after the migration period.

Not forgetting the immense patience our clients have shown us, we at Exabytes would like to extend our gratitude for your kind understanding and cooperation. Our apologies if the migration has caused any inconvenience to you.

Besides, we would also like to say thank you to all data center staff (TMNet DC Cyberjaya, AIMS DC Cyberjaya) who assisted us in ensuring a smooth process of migration throughout this period of time.

Yet, there is another reason to celebrate! As March 2010 marked the closing of our financial year 2009, with all the continuous support from our loyal customers, we had again exceeded the revenue target set for this month.

In all sincerity, we want to thank our clients again for continuously renewing their hosting services with us and keep recommending new clients to Exabytes. We couldn’t have maintained as the No.1 Hosting Provider in Malaysia without you!

While devouring the best food in such a great variety, we didn’t forget to take a few snapshots of us at the restaurant to make our KL support team who were still working at that hour jeolous.

Delicious Looking Chocolate Fountain

Fish Roe in Sweet Tofu Skin Sushi

Lamb Shoulder Cooked with Chili and Spices

‘Surrounding’ the Chocolate Fountain

Favourite Couple of the Night – CEO Mr Chan and the missus

Lastly – ‘Orang Asli’ eating style Exabee – EK Lim

Sorry our KL team, for not waiting for you guys, but we simply couldn’t help it! 🙂
We know that you were working hard in KL, giving support to our valued clients. Don’t worry ya, next weekend is your turn to celebrate, while making us envious here in Penang. 🙁
Stay tuned for more interesting celebration pictures from KL!
More pictures at our Facebook Fan Pages http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=209671&id=100731761927
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