5 BEST FACTORS on How To Choose Right Hosting For Yourself

[Updated: 12 March 2019]

We have actually received some enquiries from you guys who are facing difficulties in choosing a suitable web hosting plan. Your requests are heard, and we are glad to guide you along! : )

First of all, it’s recommended that you understand all major types of web hosting, and find out if a hosting company is capable of supporting your business needs and doesn’t create unnecessary hurdles to your website’s success. Once you’ve got this sorted out, take into account some basic criteria before you choose the best plan.

We hope the following can be a useful guide for you to make the right decision. Happy reading!

#1 Hosting Type

There are many hosting plans available on the market. To choose, think of the reason why you need a hosting plan in the first place. Do you wish to use it for a website or a blog? Do you want it to conduct an online business? Are you looking for a more professional hosting that can handle high web traffic?

#2 Price

This is no doubt a main concern for many. Just a gentle reminder, this really shouldn’t be the deciding factor when choosing a hosting plan. Instead, go for plans that give you MORE VALUE. After all, what is the point if a hosting plan is cheap but lack many important features? You should compare prices, but don’t forget the VALUE you get!

#3 Company’s Specialty or Area of Expertise

Different customers have different needs. That’s why not all web hosts are right for all customers. Some offer great shared hosting plans but don’t have good solutions for growing business. Some have excellent enterprise solutions but aren’t the right fit for someone with a small recipe blog.

To decide, always look into the hosting company’s area of expertise and go for the one that understands your needs as a consumer. It’s highly recommended to do some research first. Reading reviews and recommendations on the internet can be a good move as good reviewers would usually list down the strengths and weaknesses of a particular company.

On the other hand, comments from emotional reviewers/haters should be avoided as they can be highly misleading.

#4 Features/Add-ons

Ask yourself ‘what makes this hosting company special?’ Are there any extra features they provide besides hosting? For example, it’s a great idea if your hosting plan comes with website security and SEO features to protect your website and boost website traffic.

You might also want to look into the following:

  • The location of data center
  • Is regular website data backup available?
  • Free domain?
  • Free ID protection?

And there are so many more!

#5 Room for Growth

You have already decided on a hosting provider. Now you might want to ask yourself one last question – what happens when your site traffic increases and you need to upgrade in the future?

Does the hosting provider have other better products such as VPS or Dedicated Server solutions that can meet your extra needs and grow together with your business? Do note that transferring from one host to another takes time and effort, and this can be completely avoided if the company can scale their solutions for growth.


  • Startup Hosting – If you are planning to start your web hosting journey, this plan is affordable and will help you get started with no risk.
  • WordPress Hosting – Easy Setup, Faster loading speed, SEO friendly, rich resources, regular updates with powerful features & resources, better website security, automatic backup, and More.
  • Singapore Web Hosting – This plan will be more suitable for those who are looking for more stable hosting at Singapore. It comes with FREE (https) + FREE Daily Backup + Free Domain Privacy Protection), High Reliability, Professional 24/7 Technical Support,
    High performance hosting with 99.5% uptime.

Need even more? Go for VPS hosting or dedicated server!

Do you have more questions? Ask us anything at: [email protected]

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